So many people think that  cleaning a Sofa, Chair or even Mattress is a difficult task, the fear of leaving Water marks or ruining the fabric is always a problem that we are concerned about. To be honest without the correct cleaning Products and Machines it can be a extremely long task by hand and some products brought from the shops aren’t usually as strong as Professional cleaning product. When buying a Sofa, Chair or them perfect Curtains it usually takes Hours if not Days of searching for the Perfect style, Pattern and Texture of fabric.

Seeing as you have spent so long searching for the right pieces you’re going to want them to last as Long as possible before you have to go through it all over again. This is where the Cleanliness and cleaning process is so important to ensure that the fabric remains Unstained, Vibrant in Colour and Comfortable to enjoy. Here with Premium Carpet Cleaning we can take away the worry of cleaning your precious upholstery and provide you with a Trustworthy, Professional upholstery cleaning service.


Our upholstery cleaning service is very focused on Attention to every little detail, we know that your Upholstery is a very important part of any room and must be kept Clean, Hygienic and Smelling fresh. We can clean all kinds of upholstery from Sofas to Dining chairs fabric and leather. We can also clean Curtains, Mattresses and even the Interior of your vehicle, the inside of your vehicle is just as important as the inside of your properties. When we clean your upholstery we will always start by Vacuuming the area thoroughly first, removing loose dirt and dust. We will move any Cushions out of the way safely and with great care. When it comes to Curtains there is no need to even take them down we can clean them as they hang, it actually has been proven to be a lot easier to do this way as they don’t get Creased whilst they are Drying.

curtains cleaning

We always use our Steam Cleaning method for our upholstery cleaning service unless for any reason the fabric is too Delicate for this process then we will decide what is the best way to achieve brilliant results yet not cause any damage. Most upholstery fabrics are tough enough to be Steam cleaned, simply because the fabric is usually very Durable for regular use. We use our powerful Steam Extraction machine the Steam Pro 2000 for all our steam cleaning services, this machine is the best model available and leaves Amazing results.

It can reach Temperatures of 120 Degrees, hot enough to Kill all traces of Bacteria and Germs, leaving you a 100% Hygienic piece ready to be enjoyed by all. The Steam Pro 2000 uses Minimal water and extracts the water from the item being cleaned so quickly that it minimizes Soaking, meaning that the Drying time after the clean is complete is reduced considerably. Taking a rough time of 2-3 Hours for the fabric to dry means that you won’t have to wait a full 24 Hours before you have a Sofa to sit on or a Bed to sleep in. Keeping your day to day life as on track as possible.

Our cleaners have all been Fully trained to the highest levels possible for Upholstery cleaning, they have worked very very hard to make sure they are Equipped with the necessary knowledge needed to tackle any situation, any fabric and any stain. They have all received the Certificates and grading they is required to become a professional upholstery cleaner and because of this they have Gratefully taken their place working with Premium Carpet Cleaning We want only the best for all of our customers, we want 100% Customer satisfaction every time for New customers and Old customers. If the cleaners haven’t given you a perfect service and you are Unhappy in any way please tell us and they will happily come out and clean the area that you believe to be lacking a Professional clean for a second time FREE of charge.

The cleaners will arrive with all Equipment needed including their own Vacuums. You won’t need to provide anything at all. They will pay for any parking charges that may need to be paid and will leave your home exactly as it was when they arrived, just with beautiful looking and smelling upholstery.

When we are confronted with any Leather furniture we will provide any Shampoos and Polishes needed to ensure a Shiney, Clean, Smooth surface is left, without any Sticky residue being left behind.

We use only the best Conditioners and Polishes for leather that will clean the furniture perfectly and leave a nice Scent so that every time you sit down you are hit with a Beautiful natural smell, reminding you that you have a clean  sofa or chair. All of our products are Eco-Friendly, this means that they are extremely safe for the item being cleaned and for you the customer. These chemicals don’t give off any horrible Toxins that can cause some recurring Health issues, Health issues such as trouble Breathing or Itchy Skin and Eyes.

This is a massive bonus for everyone that is present when the cleaning service takes place, Allergy sufferers, Pets and even Children are 100% Safe when these products are being used and it helps us do our bit for the Planet too. They all have ingredients that include Deodorizers, and Urine neutralizers getting rid of some of the most Stubborn Smells around. They also contain Stain treatment Chemicals that can lift and remove some of the toughest stains such as Tea, Coffee, Red wind, Mud, Ink, Makeup and they can even remove Chewing gum.


upholstery-cleaned-700x466It doesn’t matter what’s been spilt we can remove it no matter how deep it has sunk into the fibres . As well as removing all Stains we will remove all Dust, Germs and Bacteria too.

You and your Friends and Family could be receiving one of our Professional upholstery cleaning services right now if you just book with us today, there’s so many ways to book. you can Call us , Email us, Tweet us and even Facebook message us. You will get a response as soon as possible with theses methods but if you wanted an immediate answer choose the Phone option and speak to one of our Friendly office staff, they are always happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Let us give you that newly bought look to you upholstery and start enjoying your Sofas and Curtains everyday. Once you have received out cleaning service you will want to show Everyone your upholstery and we hope that you will feel Confident enough to Recommend our services further maybe onto your Friends , Business partners and Family. This is what we aim for, after all we can’t Grow and become well known without all our lovely grateful customers leaving us Honest and brilliant feedback. You need us to clean and we need you to help us become a bigger and better cleaning company.

So please contact us today and we can help each other achieve Maximum happiness when it comes to cleaning. Book with Premium Carpet Cleaning and never have to look for another upholstery cleaning company ever again. We are waiting for your call.