Premium Carpet Cleaning London

Please Note when we quote: ‘You’ or ‘Your’ we mean the Customer. ‘We’, ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ means Carpet Cleanings London


Payments can be made via 3 methods: by Cash or Cheque on Completion of the service.

Or If you wish to pay by Card, we would require a 50% Deposit at the time of booking the service, the remaining balance will be required at the end of the clean by the same card as used to make the deposit payment.

Payment must be made within 28 days of completion of the service, if this is not complete, the details will be sent to our debt-collecting agency, and will include a 20% charge of the initial invoice total.

There is a 2% Surcharge for any payments made by card over the phone.

Late payments will be subject to additional charges.

Any Outstanding Amounts still due to be paid to Carpet Cleanings London will be charged from the Same Card that was used to pay the Deposit balance.

The Customer cannot, unless agreed by us, withhold any of the agreed Price.


Carpet Cleanings London has both Employer & Public Liability Insurance, The Policy Covers any Accidental Damage that may be caused by Us, If Valid and Reported on Completion of the Cleaning service

Carpet Cleanings London Reserves the right to Refuse to share any of the Company’s Confidential Information.

There is a £200 Excess Fee on any Accidental Damage Claim which £100 is paid by the Customer and £100 is paid by us at Carpet Cleanings London


The Client must provide access to Electricity and Water for the clean to take place.

All of our Prices given on the Phone, via Email, or Listed on our Website are Valid only for the respective size of the Property or the amount of time.

We charge an Additional £30 to defrost a Freezer if it is not already done.

All or Our final Prices Include VAT, Materials, Equipment, Parking and Congestion Charges.

We have a Minimum set Charge of £50 for our Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services.

If the Client Delays the Start or Finish time for any reason they will be charged an additional £24 per hour.

A Minimum time of 4 Hours is required for our End of Tenancy Cleaning service.

Depending on the Size of the Property and How Dirty it is, we may need to change the given Price but we we will do so only once we have discussed with you first.

If you require the Key to the property be collected and/or Returned to a different address we can do so at an additional charge of £10.


If an Inventory Check has been requested and/or Scheduled it must commence no later than 24 hours after the Services have been carried out. Failing this any Airborne Dust may settle causing the Inventory Check to Fail.

We at Carpet Cleanings London Accept no Complaints on an Inventory Check where the Property has been Occupied.

The Customer Accepts that an Unsatisfactory Service must be reported within 7 days from the date the Service was carried out. Damages or Theft must be reported on Inspection at Completion, Failure to do this will result in loss of Customers Entitlement for a Refund or Compensation of any kind.

We require the Customer or Representative to be Present at the Beginning and at the End of the Service to ensure complete satisfaction.

Complaints are Accepted Verbally over the phone or in Writing, Complaints must be reported to the Office on completion of the service or within 7 days no later.


We Reserve the Right to NOT be Liable for the following:

Any Damages caused by Faulty Materials, Equipment or Chemicals Provided by the Customer.

Existing Spillages or Damage that cannot be Cleaned using our Professional Cleaning Materials and Equipment or any Materials and Equipment provided by Customer.

Any Tasks not being complete due to Lack of Power or Water or any other Obstruction to the Cleaning Process.

If a Third Party is Present is to Arrive during the Cleaning Process.

Not Carrying out Tasks which are not on our Checklist.

Any Discolouring or Wear of Upholstery or Carpet becoming more Visible after Soiling has been removed.

Failing to Remove Permanent Stains that cannot be Removed/Cleaned by our Professional Cleaning Methods.

Loss or Damage to Items if Caused by:

  • Fire.
  • Mechanical or Electrical Damages to any Appliance unless there is Evidence of External Impact
  • Infestations
  • War, Terrorism, Hostilities, or Other such events outside of our Control.
  • Deterioration, Wear and Tear, Leakages, or from any other Unstable Goods.
  • To any Jewellery, Precious Stones or Metals, Securities, Deeds, Money, Coins, or Collections of any Similar Kind, unless we have confirmed to accept Responsibility and you have given a Description and Value of the Items, in Writing.
  • To Pets, whether in a Cage, Tank or Carrier.
  • The Disposal of Rubbish or Personal Belongings left by Previous Tenants on an End of Tenancy Clean
  • Any Plant Life.
  • Any Food or Drink.
  • To Software, Digital Content or Data of any Computer, Laptop or Similar Devices.
  • To Highly Breakable Fragile Items, if they have not been Removed or Secured by the Customer.
  • Any Additional Charges or Failed Inventory Checks if Premium Clean are Refused Return to Property to Rectify any Complaints or if Customer Uses another Company for a Re-Clean.
  • A.K A Refund of any Charges for Repairs carried out by a Third Party without our Consent.

We Are  Liable for:

  • Locksmiths & Key Replacement Fees for Lost or Damaged Keys by our Cleaners. A limit of £100 per Property
  • Keeping Customer Information Confidential
  • Repair procedures of any Damaged Area or Item Caused by a member of our Staff. A Representative from our team will need to visit and assess the Property to look at the Damage caused and Determine whether a Repair is Possible. If the Area or Item is for any reason not Repairable we will Credit the Customer with Cash Value toward a Like for Like Replacement upon Payment of the Cleaning Service.
  • We will pay 50% of the final Repair Bill and any Work Carried out by a 3rd Party Company not Approved by Us.


To ensure Customer satisfaction the customer is Not Entitled to any Refund but May be Entitled to a Free Re-Clean:

  • If a Task is not Completed that was requested at the time of Booking, given Sufficient time was Allowed.
  • If the Price for Cleaning was Quoted as a Fixed Price and the Service was not Charged per hour.
  • If the Customer/ Landlord/ Estate Agent etc has not Occupied or Carried out Work in the Property after a Service has been Carried out.
  • If the Customer Reports any issues within 7days of the Service being Carried out.
  • If not Completely satisfied with a Service,Carpet Cleanings London will return to Re-Clean any Are as where possible to do so.


We at Carpet Cleanings London reserves the right to Cancel any Appointment at the Beginning or During the Service if for the following reasons:

  • The Customer has Misrepresented any Facts/Information about the Property.
  • Our Cleaners are in any way Verbally or Physically Abused or Discriminated against.
  • There are Inadequate Conditions for Cleaning, for example – The presence of Builders, removal men etc. or Lack of Water or Power.
  • The Properties Condition is Hazardous to the Health and Well-being of Our Cleaners.


  • a 24 hour notice is required if the Customer wishes to Cancel, Re-Schedule or Amend a Booking.
  • The Customer Agrees to pay 20% of the Total if He/She wishes to Cancel or Re-Schedule less than 24 hours prior to the Scheduled Appointment.
  • In the Event the Cleaners are asked to leave, Nobody is at the Property, or there is No Water and/or Power at the Property, Customer agrees to Pay Full Price.