phSo when it come to removing Stains you can’t just use any Cleaning Chemicals, some Stains can really get Embedded into the fibres of the carpet and require quality cleaning chemicals to remove them. Some of the commonly shop bought brands state that they are extremely Powerful but in order for them to be this Powerful they tend to contain some Extremely harmful chemical ingredients.

These ingredients can be very harmfull to your health and wellbeing, they can cause cases of Itchiness of the skin and Restricted breathing complications. This is why the best products to be used are the Eco Friendly ranges, these provide a Amazing cleaning finish whilst not harming anyone around in the household. These products are Safe for Children, Pets and Allergy sufferers.

Removing stains can be a Time consuming and Stressful procedure especially if the incorrect products are being used, damage and further Staining can be caused without the correct knowledge and methods are applied. This is why we always recommend booking in with us so that a Professional approach is provided and a Professional standard is achieved.

When we clean we only uses the ProChem range of stain removal, this range is a professional quality and can remove some of the Toughest stains out there, stains such as Red wine, Tea, Coffee, Make-up, Oil, Food, Paint and even Chewing gum. These chemicals penetrate deep down in the fibres of all fabrics whilst keeping the surface completely safe from any damages that could be caused. We use Pre-Treatments to soak and lift the stains and the we use our highly Powerful steam cleaning machine the Steam Pro 2000, this machine can reach temperature of 120 Degrees, at this temperature the stains are sucked away from the fibres with the most ease, it makes the entire stain removal process so easy and quick to perform.

We can remove stains from Curtains, Carpets, Rugs, Sofas, Dining chairs and so many more items. We understand that having a stain in your favorite Rug or Sofa can dramatically change the look of your furniture and flooring, so it’s important to maintain a great look and feel for them. Some stains you might think that are there for good no matter how hard you scrub but please let us have a go at it before you give up and go spending a load of money replacing the item we can remove the stain and we can do it at an Affordable price so that anyone can receive a professional stain removal service.

Here are some tips and Precautions that we advise:

  • Always test the product on a small area before using on a bigger area to ensure that there are no reactions.
  • Any spills and stains have to be greeted as quickly as possible so they don’t have a chance to seep deep into the fibres. the longer it is left on the surface the longer it can take to remove
  • Always remove any solid particles before treating using a blunt knife or edge
  • Never rub the stain as this will just spread it to a bigger surface, always blot the fresh spill so that it is absorbed into the clean towel napkin or tissue being used
  • Apply the desired cloth using firm pressure and keep blotting until the excess liquid is absorbed. never use coloured cloths or napkins as this can cause colour discharge to make the stain worse
  • Apply a small amount of the stain remover and blot so that it gets deep down into the fibres. do not over-wet or over apply the chemicals, you shouldn’t need a lot of the product to remove any stains.
  • Work from the outer edge of the stain and work into the centre to prevent any ring marks once finished
  • The final step is to always rinse the area with water again blotting the area until all liquid is mopped up.

Remember some stains cannot be removed completely but the stain removal process and products can dramatically improve the affected area. In most cases the stains can be completely removed but in the unlikely case that they can’t be removed you can repeat the stain removal process in the hope that it will remove the stain completely.

We do advise that 24 Hours is left in between the stain removal process to give the area time to Dry and no damage is caused.

When we provide our stain removal services we will Vacuum the entire area to start with so that any excess Dirt and Dust is removed allowing a 100% clean surface is left,  we will then use our Pre-Treatment product and leave it in for a few minutes. Then we will use the Steam Pro 2000 Extraction Steam Machine to lift our the product and any stain that has been lifted from the fibres. Whilst this machine is in use a carpet cleaning Shampoo is also applied with the Hot water so that its left Hygienic and clean.

We also use a Deodorizer in the water to leave a Fresh scent and get rid of any nasty odurs that may have been there before. Once this step is complete if there are any remaining stains we will use a Spot treatment product this is a little stronger for the more Stubborn stains, then again use the Steam Pro 2000 to remove it. Once these have all been complete we advise a Drying time of 2-3 Hours you need to ensure that carpet is Fully dry before it is walked on.

The whole process can be complete in a very quick time and the results that we will leave behind are truly Spectacular and you will not be disappointed with the results.

We are the Best Carpet and Upholstery cleaners around and we are the best at removing any kind of stains that we are presented with. We have all the training in the use of stain removal Chemicals and what fabrics require the certain Chemicals. All the cleaners are very passionate about getting rid of the stains and are not easily beaten. They will try all sorts of methods and products to ensure that every possible method is ruled out.