When we say we offer a Professional  Rug cleaning service we are saying that we don’t only clean rugs we Transform them back into that Masterpiece that used to sit Centre of your living room, the Rug that is always seen and walked on and used to be Admired by all, but now has become a Dull, Dirty, Stained mess that you are ashamed to show off.

Rugs can be very Expensive and are such an important part of the Decoration in the room they are in. This is why we want to reassure you that the rug can once again be the Highlight of the room without needing to spend a fortune on a whole new rug.

We can clean all kinds of materials Long pile, Short pile, Thick pile, Silky smooth pile, Persian, and Wool rugs these all can be cleaned if you understand the correct Procedures and Chemicals to do so. Our trained Professional rug cleaners know every trick in the book and know exactly what you can and can’t use on all kinds of rugs. We want you to be certain that we know what we are doing whilst cleaning your Possessions, and we assure you that this is the care you will get when booking with Premium Carpet Cleaning.

All the training that our cleaners have received has been very information packed on how to mix Chemicals, how to apply them and of course how to remove them. They want to cause no damage at all to your Rugs so will asses the type of rug on arrival and then proceed to clean using the correct method.


Every rug is different and every cleaning job required different skills, products and methods, this is why we will bring everything with us that we might need. We provide all of the Machinery and Chemicals and we will make our own way to you paying for any parking charges that are in place. We will immediately start cleaning and try to get the process complete as Quickly as possible so that we don’t ruin your plans for the day. All the cleaning products that we use are Safe for all customers and their Children, this includes any Allergy sufferers and Pets too. We can clean with you present and know that you are completely Safe from any harmful Toxins and Chemicals. We know this for sure because all of our Chemicals are 100% Eco-Friendly. Free from Toxin smells that can cause restricted breathing and Chemicals that can cause itchiness of the eyes and skin, and whilst being Eco-Friendly also protects the planet from being destroyed too.

Our main method for Rug cleaning is the Steam cleaning method, this method has continued to bring us Outstanding results, causing no Damage, minimal Soaking of the carpet and when performed with the Steam Pro 2000 extraction machine leaving 100% Hygienic and clean looking rugs, this machine allows us to clean with the power of Steam at a high temperature of 120 Degrees. This temperature will Eliminate any nasty Smells and lift out all Dirt from deep in the carpets fibres. Teamed with our rug treatments that are infused with Natural scents your rugs will smell Beautiful and will feel like new again.

Some stains such as Tea, Coffee, Red wine, Urine, Chewing gum can be extremely hard to remove with the usually bought Chemicals from shops, You can even Damage the Rugs from scrubbing them too hard trying to remove these stains by hand, the Steam Pro 2000 can lift the stains to the surface and then suck them into a Dirty water tank with ease, it looks as if we are simply Vacuuming the rug but the machine sprays a clean water feed directly into the rug being sucked away through a second pipeline straight away this Minimises soaking and Decreases the drying time Considerably to a respectable 2-3 Hours (depending in the temperature of the room)

We do also have a Dry rug cleaning method this is usually used for the rugs such as Persian and Wool rugs, the main reason being that water can cause Damage and Heat can cause the Rugs to Shrink or the Colours in the rug to run into other colours.


The Dry carpet cleaning solution is still very Effective and will leave the rugs looking Fabulous and we still have chemicals that can be used to ensure that any Smells are Eliminated safely. For all the methods we will start by Vacuuming the rugs thoroughly, this removes any loose Dirt and Dust providing a clean slate for us to work our Magic on. We will also provide our own Vacuums so no need to worry about having one out to hand.

Once these cleaning steps have all been completed there is a last Service that we can provide for you, This service will help to Protect your rugs until the next clean is due, this service involves a protection product called Scotchgard. This is a pretty Impressive product and is usually we know but incase you haven’t heard of it here’s a little about it. Scotchgard is a protection usually found in Spray form, it allows us to spray on an Invisible barrier that will help to prevent stains from Penetrating deep into the rug’s fibres, giving your a longer time to clean up any Spills and also making it Considerably easier to clean those spills up.

Now we know you’re probably thinking that this spray might affect the Feel of the rug or maybe even the Look of it but we can assure you that you won’t even notice that it is there, it’s completely invisible so that the Colour or Design of the rug is not affected and it doesn’t Harden in any way so the feel on the rug will remain exactly as it was before the protection was added. It simply helps your rugs Survive the time in between cleans.

We always suggest to have your rugs cleaned at least Once a year, but for properties with small Children or Pets we would strongly recommend a Professional clean every 3-4 Months. Children and Pets always leave a trail of Destruction wherever they go and it can’t be helped they are learning and Experimenting new things, Panting and Toilet training can be tough  your rugs so it’s a good idea to have them cleaned that bit more Regularly to remove any Urine smells and Stains and any Artwork that may have escaped the paper.

The rug cleaning process usually doesn’t take long to complete and like mentioned before the Drying time is pretty Reasonable too we do try to get it all complete in the quickest time possible. We want you to be completely Satisfied with the service that you have received so if there are any problems just contact us and we can Rectify the problems.

We encourage all our customers to leave Honest feedback, after all we are getting our great Reputation from all our Satisfied customers so please leave your Feedback if you received any of our services.

Contact us now, you will see how Brilliant our rug cleaning service is and you will want to pass us on to Family and Friends so that they can too receive Fantastic rug cleaning services. It’s so easy to Book too we have Email, Telephone, Facebook. So many ways that you can Contact us even if just for a Quote for now, we Guarantee to be one of the Cheapest rug cleaning companies that you will find, whilst still providing a 5 Star Quality service. Don’t risk booking another company just book with us and let us show you what rug cleaning is really about.