Cleaning the carpet – the subject is endless and very interesting to every housewife. Not because people take pleasure to clean (is there such people at all), but because the carpet is always in need of cleaning. Boring, right? But the fact. Not only that you almost every day need to use the vacuum cleaner, but if there are stains the situation becomes desperate.

More discouraging is that there are spots and stains. Some disappear relatively quickly, but others seemed forever settled on the fabric and want to be part of the decoration of the carpet. Yes, did we talk about stains from blood and ink – they are the most stubborn. From these spots all host turn white haired. But until today!

Premium Carpet Cleaning’s Team will offer you some proven practices for dealing with the most dangerous spots this time. They are effective, that is clear, we would not share them if they were not. Maybe they will seem a little unconventional, but don’t be sceptical. In such spots, the whole thing is now so “dirty” that nothing can be worse, so boldly act. We won’t waste any more time in idle talk, we go to the essence…

Cleaning of the bloodstains at home

First of all let us clarify that the methods differ depending on whether the stains are fresh or not. Recent light red, and old – dark red and even gradually become red-brown.

  1. Where the fabric has a little spots and their size are not large, apply local processing. In other cases, resort to dry cleaning.
  2. Fresh bloodstains on all kinds of fabrics allow washing first with clean lukewarm water, then with soapy. Note that you should not use hot water. It can be applicable in many cases, but not in this because of the high temperature blood clots and the stains cannot be removed.
  3. Light fabrics can be “liberated” from fresh bloodstains on the carpet as first placed on a flat, hard surface (preferably wooden) and by tapping with a sponge to moisten the affected area with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Repeat the action until the stain is completely dissolved and the pad underneath cease to be coloured. Cleaned places are wiped with a clean sponge soaked with water, then dry with a soft cloth, sprinkled with sawdust or dry bread crumbs and dried in the air.
  4. Old, stains of blood cleaned by wet thoroughly using a swab with a solution of 4 g of borax, 40 cm3 of distilled water and 2 grams of ammonia solution. The cleaned sites are rinsed with water.


Cleaning stains from ink improvised way

The main and most important rule is not to lose time and to react quickly. Leave nerves and angry for later or simply forget them, because then they will not need them – there will be no stains. Just remember to act promptly. The more time is passing, the deeper the ink penetrates into the fabric.

  1. Sprinkle the stained area with salt while still fresh. Then with a damp cloth soaked already removed ink salt. The procedure is repeated many times until the stain disappears. Repeating the same action several times can and most likely will not be pleasant, on the contrary – annoying and tiring, but worth it.
  2. Corn-starch eliminates ink stains on the carpet just as successful as the salt. For this purpose, the starch is poured into a container and added a little milk. Stir until evenly mixed. Smear the soft paste on the affected areas and left to dry on them. You should know that it dries in the formation of crust – then vacuum the area.


And another solution?

Also quite efficiently operates a mixture of 2 parts vinegar and 3 parts of corn starch. Mix products and mix well until until you form a paste. Then smear on the stain, leave to dry. Finally proceed to rinse thoroughly.

  1. Mix in 200 g. Of sour cream with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and mix until a homogeneous mixture. Spread thoroughly contaminated area and allow to dry. The last step is washing.
  2. Hairspray instantly helps to remove stains from ink. The only thing to be careful is how you spray the ink area. Recommended spraying from such a distance as not to damage the fabric of the carpet – a distance of about 20cm. After applying the hairspray is only necessary clean with a dry cloth.
  3. Assistance in cleaning the ink from carpet comes also from toothpaste. It is extremely useful also for remove smudges of lipstick. For this purpose smear paste profusely on the affected area and carefully rub. After it dries, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and the carpet will be like new.