How often do you book leather cleaning London service?

Do you just give it a quick wipe with a damp cloth? Is your leather looking past its best and lost its texture and feel?

Your leather upholstery may suffer from cracking, dryness, fading, scratches or scuffs – don’t worry!

If so, look no further than our professional leather cleaning services. At Carpet Cleaning London we use the latest leather cleaning products to restore your leather to a ‘’like new’’ condition.

We apply a special leather conditioner that leaves your leather feeling silky soft and with a lustrous shine. Our professionals can provide a tailor made leather cleaning service for any type of leather.

If you have leather furniture, it will most certainly need some form of maintenance or repair during its lifetime. That’s where we come in. Our experienced leather cleaners are trained to perform a variety of services to keep your leather healthy and looking great for years to come.


Our Professional technicians will be able to identify the type of leather used in your upholstery, alongside your cleaning needs.

The Carpet Cleaning London cleaning products used in our leather cleaning service are safe, effective and able to remove:

  • Oils and grease
  • Atmospheric soils
  • Common soils
  • Dyes and inks

Leather furniture needs a regular cleaning. And why not? Regular conditioning keeps the leather soft and prevents cracking. Otherwise, it takes on the same dirt and pollutants as the other stuff. But unlike upholstered furniture, leather faces the added challenge of lost moisture and softness over time. Store-bought leather cleaners and conditioners provide immediate relief when cleaning leather furniture, but they can also cause long-term damage. Proper maintenance requires the know-how of a professional.

Check your warranty and care instructions to find recommended leather cleaning intervals specific to your leather furniture.


Our trained leather specialists from Carpet Cleaning London use a proprietary leather cleaning system to clean and moisturize all your leather. In fact, they’ll clean your leather sofa and every other piece of leather furniture in your house.

  • First, they will apply—and remove—a cleaner that wipes out damaging soils.
  • The leather is then heated to open the pores and accept the moisturizer.
  • They can also reheat the leather and apply an optional protector that actually fills the cracks where soil typically settles.

Although the professional leather furniture cleaning removes the soil, it cannot correct the damage that soil may have already caused. Certain extreme cases may require restoration in addition to cleaning.

When leather is beyond cleaning we can offer a full leather restoration service that completely renovates the pigment and finish your leather. This process resembles factory quality and therefore gives back many years of use, in terms of the leather bit of your furniture, as with brand new leather. The leather pigment restoration process consists of the following steps:

  1. Vacuum cleaning: leather is thoroughly vacuum cleaned to remove all dry soils, debris and food accumulated over time.
  2. Leather is thoroughly cleaned using a mild trade grade detergent based fluid specifically made for leather. This is to ensure all dirt and grime is removed completely before we proceed with the restoration.
  3. Dye transfer and various stains are given closer attention.
  4. Alcohol based cleaning agent is applied to ensure leather is detergent free.
  5. Repairs are carried out i.e. cuts, burns, scratches, punches, etc.
  6. Pigment application 2-3 coats of pigment are applied to the leather using rollers and air brush.
  7. Finish application: 2 coats of finish are applied to ‘’seal’’ the pigments and protect against premature wear.
  8. 24 hour cure time is essential for pigment and finish to bond firmly to the leather.

Whether for your home or business, we can offer the highest quality leather cleaning service for all types of furniture including chairs, suites, sofas, couches and footstools. Whatever the type of your leather, we have the right leather cleaning service for you!

Remember that even when you can’t see the dirt, you know it’s there. Cleaning leather furniture can be a challenge for the homeowner—but not for the trained leather cleaning professionals.

Before we clean your upholstery we promise to:

  • Conduct a full survey- give you a fixed price with no hidden charges. Test your items for shrinkage and colour run
  • Explain what we will do and how we will clean your valuable upholstery
  • Take absolute care and attention to enable the cleaning of your furniture in your home or business premisesECKED with the highest levels of safety and lowest levels of disturbance
  • We are also able to offer a professional leather repairs service- we can repair and restore scratched or ripped marks on your leather couches, suites and chairs.

Please get in touch for more information.

Clean spills immediately! Leather is porous in nature and if any liquid is allowed to penetrate the surface, the stain will be extremely difficult to clean.

Avoid using any type of harsh cleaners or abrasive cleansers on your leather furniture as these will cause damage to the surface.

NEVER use any kind of oils (such as mink oil), furniture polish, or any product containing waxes or silicone (including many car care products) on your leather furniture as it may damage the leather and leave it feeling sticky. Consequently, be very careful when using Pledge, or any other type of furniture polish, around your leather. The only exception is boiled linseed oil, which will not leave the leather sticky; do not use raw linseed oil.

Vacuum and dust your leather furniture on a regular basis to help the leather breathe and last longer.

To protect your leather furniture, keep it from fading, drying out and/or cracking, avoid placing it in direct sunlight and keep it at least two feet away from any heat (i.e. heating vents, fireplaces, radiators, etc.) and air conditioning sources.

NEVER use baby wipes or any other alkaline cleaner on your leather furniture as it may damage the finish.