At some point comes the main cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets. Vacuum cleaner and wipe with a damp cloth is not sufficient. We can’t remove the stains that way because it’s not enough. Not to mention that it will soon approach the time for the autumn cleaning. Obviously, that a lot of work will be waiting. The question is why should you do it? Premium Carpet Cleaning team can visit you at a convenient time for you to comply with your requirements and do the hot water extraction cleaning. Wouldn’t  be better to rest rather than bother with such work?

Maybe you are reserved, because you do not know how our team will perform the cleaning and want to learn more details. It is quite understandable – you can’t trust anything you don’t understand. To avoid any ambiguity, we will try to explain one of our main methods of cleaning – extraction. We apply it with sofas and carpets. We entrust it because it achieves great results with fabrics and textiles.

First we will look at how to clean the carpet by extraction.

The first stage is preparation for hot water extractionWe need an extraction machine, cleaning detergent solution to clean the fabrics, cloth type – microfiber, brush rubbed with a soft bristle if there are serious stain removal.

Proceed to create an environment for washing. It sounded a little far-fetched though. The main thing is that the room should be ventilated to not accumulate moisture and to be able to work calmly, without worrying about the furniture. Of course we will comply with the conditions that offers us home – we do not need much, just a window that we can open wide 😉

Get to work as first sucking out the dust from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. This is a very important first step, because without it the other actions would be an unsatisfactory result. The reason is that accumulate dust and possible hair pet is removing more easily and efficiently when the fabric is dry.

We are ready for the  hot water extraction carpet cleaning

And here is the moment to explain in what constitutes an steam extractor machine and what is water extraction method. Generally speaking it is washable professional vacuum cleaner. Its mechanism of action consists in injecting a cleaning fluid under high pressure in texture and simultaneously suction of the dirt. And so we begin with careful and consistent “overlapping” moves to plug cover the entire surface of the upholstery.

Some sofas have parts like corners, curves and others. In such cases, changing attachments to enable extraction to be qualitatively performed on all trim.

When the water extraction process ends?

The attachments of the machine are transparent, allowing you to see what you suck out from furniture. When sucked fluid becomes transparent, clean, this means that we are ready and the first part of cleaning is completed.

The second step is analogous to the first, with the difference, however, that it is no longer used detergent but clean water only. As you might guess, we start the actual rinse of the furniture.

For example, if wash a sofa which has cushions, they can also be “subject” of the extractor washing, in the same way as the furniture. And that still happens – it now depends on the willingness of the customer.

Proper selection of product and precise determination of the required amount of it is very important  in extract cleaning. For professionals as team Premium Carpet Cleaning this is not a problem, but in spite of our many years of experience, we always approach with a lot of attention. If the concentration of the product is small, it will not achieve the desired effect. Yet if it is more than needed, there is a risk to damage the texture of the fabric. It is also important to know what textiles tolerate certain chemicals – unskilled cleaners risk destroying the upholstery.

It’s nice to know that regular cleaning of your upholstery and carpets might extend their lives and they will be clean and fresh for long time.

DIY Hot Water Extraction Or We Should Call A Professional Cleaning Company? Which Is The Best Way To Clean a Carpet?

When cleaning upholstery we apply the same steps as when cleaning a carpet. Determine what product would be the most suitable and what quantity, consistently perform the first and second stage of extractor washing. The only difference is that when cleaning the carpet the vacuum suction is weaker than when cleaning the furniture. The reason is that the floor mats are more delicate and inadvertently separate pieces of fabric can be torn off. And a professional cleaner would not want and could not accept it – to ruin the carpet.  

Hot water extraction is easy, especially for people who are cleaning specialists like our team at Premium Carpet Cleaning. If you wish your home to shine with cleanliness and want to see personally the result of extraction, call us. We will be happy to make such “demonstration” and you will see that the service is worth it. It would be no wonder if you become regular customers, and to such we do discounts.