Many of us have had the dilemma of an unwanted stain that just won’t budge. You’ve scrubbed, dabbed, rinsed and nothing seems to be shifting it. Well before you go looking for a professional carpet cleaning service give this handy technique a go. With this technique you can achieve a professional stain removal result at a fraction of the cost. So there are a few items that you will need for this technique most that you will find around the home. 


You will need:


  • Gloves (if preferred)
  • Lots of clean Cotton Rags preferably White (so you can see the Dirt being drawn out)
  • A bowl or bucket of Warm Clean water
  • Some Grease fighting washing up liquid ( it’s very important that’s it’s grease fighting)
  • Half a Pint jug of Hot water
  • A Tablespoon
  • A Hair Dryer
  • A Steam Iron
  • And a Wet/Dry vacuum (capable of sucking up moisture)


So the quicker you notice the spill, whatever it may be, the quicker you can treat it. So if you are lucky enough to witness the soiling, pick up any loose particles of the spillage to ensure that you don’t create more of a mess than to begin with. If it’s a stain that has been there for a long period of time and maybe has been previously Treated with stain removal, but it has been unsuccessful, then this technique will hopefully successfully remove it.


To begin with you will need to have your half pint of hot water, your teaspoon, your grease fighting washing up liquid and your clean cotton rags to hand. Measure out a teaspoon of washing up liquid and add it to the half pint of hot water and give it a little stir. Now pour half of this mixture directly onto the stain or affected area. It may seem strange pouring water on your carpet but don’t worry it will not stay wet for long. Once you’ve poured the water onto the carpet you will need to heat your steam iron to a medium heat ready for the next stage. 

Get your bowl of warm water and prepare about 5 rags all layered on top of one another so it ends up 5 layers thick. Soak these clean rags into your bowl of warm water and squeeze them out, be sure not to squeeze all of the water out leaving them quite damp. Now lay this 5 layered rag over the stained area ensuring that it completely covers the affected area. Next your Iron should be heated to medium heat setting, you will need to press the iron onto the wet rags continuously moving the iron to ensure that the rags don’t dry out causing burning to the carpet. 

As you are doing this you should start to see the stain from underneath the rags seeping through the 5 layers. This is the Power of the Steam from the iron loosening and sucking the stain out of the carpet and into the cotton rags fibres. Once you see this you will need to rinse the rags into a bowl of clean water to remove the stain particles and then you need to repeat this stage again not ringing the cotton rags out completely, laying them over the affected area and applying the steam iron once again. This time round you should notice that you won’t have as much stain residue on the cotton pads, you will need to repeat this step 2 to 3 times until there is not more residue on the cotton rags.

When you’re satisfied that no more of the stain is going to lift and are happy at the look of the stained area you will need a fresh bowl of cool water and a clean single cotton rag. Soak the cotton rag into the cool clean water wringing it out but still leaving it wet, place the cotton rag over the previously stained area and press down. This is putting some Moisture back into the fabric after the steaming and also soaking the rest of the washing up liquid remaining in the fabrics fibres. 

Once you have blotted the area with your cold cotton rag, grab some dry cotton rags and place them over the wet patch. Now you will need to apply as much pressure onto the dry rags as possible, this is soaking up any remaining Washing up liquid and Stain particles that may still be on the carpet. You shouldn’t get any residue from the previously stained area at this point so be sure to check the rag to confirm this. 

Make sure that you dab pressure. DO NOT Scrub or Rub the rags over the carpet. You don’t want to spread the Moisture you want it to be drawn up into a clean dry rag. This stage might need to be repeated once or twice with dry rags each time until you’re happy that the carpet is damp and not soaked.

We have come to the final stage of the steam cleaning process. For this you will need your wet/dry vacuum and you just simply need to run this vacuum over the damp area. This is to just remove any moisture and to get the carpet as dry as possible. This stage isn’t necessarily needed however if you are having guests over or the area is going to be walked on straight after cleaning you will want it to be as dry as possible to avoid further soiling. You can also use your Hairdryer to completely Dry the area, just ensure to use it on a Low setting and rub the carpet underneath the Hot air so you can feel the temperature at all times, this is to eliminate the risk of Burning the carpet.


So that’s it. A handy Technique that everyone can achieve with the simple Tools and Supplies found at home. Now everyone can get those nasty stains out of their carpets without the need for a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company.