Cleaning Leather Furniture At HomeLeather furniture has always been a sign for luxurious interior and they will continue to be like this. It is such a joy for the eyes and the senses! And so comfortable… But leather has both, positive and negative aspects. We can begin with cleaning leather furniture at home (there are lots of refinements) and we end up with the difficult preservation of this type of furniture, and keeping the good look, so it finally turns out that having such furniture at home is quite a responsibility. And the investment that we make in them is not small at all, that is why we can not afford ourselves to neglect their good maintenance.

How to clean your leather furniture efficiently ?

The team of Premium Carpet Cleaning knows the difficulties that you face every day when trying to maintain and clean the Leather Furniture At Home in perfect condition. That is why, with the only aim to make it easier for you, we offer you a couple of advice which will optimize your work.

The first thing that you need to know is that your sofa is rally easy to get dirty. And the reason for this is simple, leather easily absorbs dirt. That is why you need to avoid sitting on your sofa while wearing dirty clothes.


Removing Liquids and Stains?

If you have spilt some kind of dry substance like flour or dust for example, then cleaning is made via gentle movements with soft brush or vacuum cleaner.

An advice for achieving the easiest upholstery cleaning is periodically wiping the sofa with clean, dry and soft towel, but there are certain refinements that will keep your sofa as good as new. Yes, the main subject here is the stains and we will pay a good deal of attention on them.

Removing spilt liquids such as soft drinks, coffee, milk and others from the surface is done by absorbing it with a towel or paper. The stain is gently rubbed with a clean towel, soaked in a light solution of water and natural soap. It looks easy, but you need to be careful – this solution should not be absorbed by the leather so you should dry the furniture after doing this procedure.

More serious leather stains require more special “preparation”. It is made via mixing linseed and vinegar in a ratio of 2:1. The peculiarity here is the fact that cleaning this preparation requires placing a thin sheet of foil over the treated stain and removing it after one day.

If there are stains of grease, ketchup or chocolate on the leather damask, you should forget about using only water for cleaning it. You will not succeed in achieving any result at all, but you will even make the problem worse. The solution is something else – the excessive substance should be gently removed from the surface with the help of a paper. Do not press while you make the movements, because the dirt can soak into the leather.

In the cases when a wet wipe is necessary to be cleaned from the leather surface, then you should use only water or a solution of water and natural soap. You must not use light or using a hair drying when the stain should be dried. The cause – leather gets too dry and starts cracking.
Now we should also pay attention to the proper preservation of leather furniture. After all, no matter how much effort we spend in cleaning them, if we do not protect them from wearing, they will soon lose the good look.

The first and most important thing is that you should not let your pets lie on the leather damask. And if you are aware of the fact how much damage pet’s nails and teeth can do to your leather furniture, you should do everything possible to avoid them.

It is so pleasant to lie down on our comfortable sofa, and when it is a leather one, the pleasure is even bigger. But such enjoyment could be not so good for your furniture when you do it wearing not so many clothes and/or barefooted. The fat that our body releases (no matter how little the quantities are) soaks into the pores of the leather damask and after some time the leather gets thinner and cracks.

Leather clothes can also have quite negative effect on the leather damask. You should have in mind that leather does not like touching leather. And in case that we sweat even in a minimum extend, both leather surfaces will get wet and their paints will merge. Believe us, you do not want this to happen.

Use special products for protecting your leather furniture. Some of them have a good effect on wetting the damask. In such a way it is protected from drying, and respectively – getting thinner and cracking. Other products provide a protecting layer against dust and stains – scotch guard. They usually have a prolonged effect that is why such a product is applied once every several months.

Nabuck and suede require special care. Once a month they should be brushed with a brass wire, otherwise the dust gets into the leather pores.

If leather furniture will not be used for some period of time, then the room they will be stored in, should be dry and cool. Cover them if possible. But you should do this with sheets or blankets, not with nylon, because it makes the furniture become sore and leather can not breathe. You should be careful not to leave things on the furniture for a longer period of time, because they will leave traces on the furniture due to their weight.

For sure upholstery cleaning and maintenance of the leather furniture has its refinements. And as you have already convinced yourself, they require special care. It is completely understandable if you do not have the possibility to pay so much attention for maintaining and cleaning your furniture, but at the same time you wish that their look is perfect. We also give you a solution – just call Premium Carpet Cleaning for help. We will be happy to answer! Just forget your worries and the work and care concerning your leather furniture, leave everything to the specialists, that is us!