What is Professional Steam Cleaning?

So what is Steam Cleaning, as you may know we offer a fabulous Steam Carpet Cleaning service and we know how beneficial this service can be to you carpets but do you? We want to try and explain  what a steam clean actually is so that you can be in the know about all the benefits. So steam cleaning is in fact simply a Hot water Extraction cleaning process.

A hot water Extraction cleaning method is performed using a specialist piece of equipment, we use the Steam Pro 2000 one of the best pieces of steam cleaning equipment available to us as a cleaning company. This amazing machine sprays the heated water directly onto the carpet, being able to reach an Astonishing temperature of 120 Degrees allowing us to kill any Bacteria and and Germs that may be lurking deep in the carpets fibres. We are also able to add our professional cleaning chemicals such as Shampoos, Odour neutralisers  and Stain removal agents from the ProChem range so that the entire cleaning process can be complete as quickly as possible, the water is then almost instantly Vacuumed up, along with any dislodged and dissolved dirt particles. Because it is all done so quickly it means that the carpet doesn’t get too soaked and the drying time isn’t too long.

All of our chemicals that we use are 100% safe for everyone present during the clean, they are safe to Children, Pets and even Allergy sufferers. They are all Eco-Friendly so that the risk of inhaling harmful Toxins is removed and there is no worry at all. These products have proven to be the most Resourceful and provide us with Amazing results whilst not putting your carpets in and risk of damage. They are also helping us all keep our planet safe from harm.

Now here’s a little more details about the specific machine that we use:

The ProChem Steempro 2000 Powerflo is a professional carpet and upholstery soil extraction machine, ideal for any domestic and commercial use.
Its 8.2 bar, 120 psi diaphragm pump and 70.7 l/s airflow, 3-stage vacuum makes it one of the most powerful portable extraction machines in the world and this is why we have chosen this particular machine to provide you all with an amazing steam cleaning service, it also whisper quiet fitted with a silencer makes it one of the quietest steam cleaning machines built.  It can be used with an optional ProChem “HEAT ‘N’ RUN” INLINE HEATER for a continuous hot solution delivery allowing us to clean at 120 degrees continuously.

Other amazing Features of the SteemPro 2000 Powerflo include a 35-litre solution tank and 26-litre recovery tank, two 10″ and two 4″ castors for mobility and stair-climbing ease, a scuff-resistant granite finish chassis and controls mounted on the top handle.  An automatic vacuum shut-off feature is incorporated too.

It comes complete with a 15ft (4.6m) hose assembly, a 25ft power cable and a 12″ single jet Glidemaster Stainless Steel Wand.


When we perform our steam carpet cleaning service we will always asses the carpet before starting to nurse that a steam cleaning process is suitable for the carpet type. Very rarely we come across carpets made from materials that are too Delicate for a steam cleaning process and we will continue to use other methods to achieve a fabulous clean.

Now this is very rare as so many carpet types can withhold the steaming process and the steam cleaning process has proven to be the most effective method to remove all stains and dirt leaving a carpet that looks as good as new. Once we have completed the cleaning process the drying time is considerable and straightforward, we believe a fair time of 2-3 hours.

This does ultimately depend on the overall temperature of the room and Ventilation accessible but it’s very uncommon to take longer than this time. We advise that the carpet is left to completely Dry before being used again to minimise further Staining and marking the fibres again.

We advise that a Professional steam carpet clean is performed at least Once every Year, this is to maintain a healthy Looking and Feeling carpet at all times, it helps to avoid deep staining and potential permanent stains. If the household contains Children and pets or the carpet is constantly in use most of the day ( high traffic areas) we would reduce the cleaning time to Once every 4-5 Months, Pets leave loose hairs, and Bacteria that we can’t always see and Children can be very messy learning, and discovering new things. You want to ensure that your floors are Hygienically clean at all times so your Children are not at risk of eating anything that they shouldn’t. Our steam cleans can make that a possibility and keep your carpets not only looking fabulous and smelling great but safe for your entire family.

We can give you this Professional steam cleaning service that you are looking for at amazingly affordable prices and we hope that the information that we have provided you with has helped you to see what steam cleaning actually is and help you understand why we believe it’s the best way to clean your carpets and remove all stains and bacteria.