Premium Carpet Cleaning and upholstery cleaners are now happy to be able to provide you all a new range of services. We already offer you amazing carpet and upholstery cleaning services, but now we can also recolor and repair your carpets and rugs too. Our carpet colour repair and carpet repair services are available to book now and we can’t wait to start providing you all with theses amazing services.

We have ensured that all of our carpet technicians are fully trained and insured to complete all of our services, giving you complete peace of mind that your carpets and rugs are in safe hands with premium carpet cleaners. they have all taken the training courses to ensure they know everything about carpet repair and recolor. The have full understanding of safe ph levels and how much of each product must be used for all kinds of different carpet fibres. They know that some carpets have to be cared for differently and gently.

They achieved all the certificates to prove that they have passed these training courses and take great pride in making sure you the customer is 100 percent satisfied with the overall result.


When we come to complete either of these services we will bring all the needed equipment and tools, the only thing we may require is a water source. When we get to you we will assess the damaged areas and the do some tests to determine what kind of carpet you have. We will complete a burn test and asses the ph levels before and after the service. For this burn test we will need a small strand of fibre from your carpet. We will burn it and the reaction to the flame will help to decide what kind of carpet you have. ( don’t panic it will be from an area that is not at all noticeable and discussed with you before it is taken). The different reactions will be as follows:

  1. Wool Carpets – burning hair
  2. Cotton Carpets – also burning paper but has a different burn rate to Rayon
  3. Nylon Carpets – celery/sealing wax
  4. Polypropylene Carpets – asphalt/paraffin

The ph levels are tested by using a colour chart to determine how much product/chemicals may be in your carpets before we begin to clean. We will ensure that the levels are safe and no harmful chemical/products are left in your carpets.

Now some carpets will not be suitable for this dye service as the fibres may not allow the colour to attach itself to the fibres meaning that the colour would then run or spread, we do not want this to be a issue so we’ve educated ourselves to be certain of which carpets can have this service applied:

  • Nylon
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Linen

All of these types of carpet can receive this amazing service, there are so many ways that your carpets can become damaged, spilt bleach, urine, sunlight, harsh carpet detergents and usual wear to the carpets, especially heavy traffic areas that get used alot on a daily basis will eventually start to loose its colour and possibly have tears and loose fibres over time.

We can repair so many different kinds of damage spots here is just some of these affected areas that can be amended:

  1. Sun faded spots near patio doors
  2. Acne medication spots
  3. Spots caused by harsh cleaning chemicals
  4. Spots caused by toilet bowl cleaners
  5. Spots caused by new chlorinated cleaners
  6. Bleached spots
  7. Urine spots
  8. Ozone faded spots
  9. Spots caused by toilet bowl cleaners
  10. Spots caused by pollution

The steps that are required to complete this service can depend on the material of the carpet, Cotton carpets have a more detailed process than the wool and nylon carpets.

However there are a set of rules that we follow by for all carpet materials:

  1. We Always start at the edge of the spot/ Affected area
  2. Ensure to Slightly dampen the fibres surrounding the spot (avoiding colour dye being adsorbed were not needed)
  3. Keep blotting at all times
  4. Always Dry as you go (the colour of the dye will appear darker whilst wet)

Cotton carpets

Firstly we Add the bleach neutralizer if needed

Secondly we Use low ph cleaner to rinse this away

Thirdly we Apply some saline solution to the spot and dry

Fourth we Mix up the dye very hot and keep hot

Fifth we Apply the dye to the saline treated area until a match is achieved

Sixth we blot with cotton dyes wetting agent and complet by drying

Wool and nylon carpets

Firstly we Add the dye

Secondly we Add the nylon or wool inex product with 120ml hot water

Thirdly we Add the dye penetrant with 120ml hot water

Fourthly we Keep it hot

Whichever method your carpets may need we can assure and promise that the finished product will be better than you can imagine. We’ve corrected many carpets and our customers have been astounded by the results. We can only improve and thrive on your 100 percent satisfaction reviews, these help us to be seen by new customers and helps us prove that we are trustworthy and true to our word about how great are services and dedication really is. If your are not happy with your service then please come to us and discuss it we will do everything possible to change your mind. Once receiving our services please leave some feedback on the checkatrade website, we love hearing back from our customers.



We can now offer a carpet repair service, yes that’s correct we can now repair your carpets from tears, rips,burns and snagged fibres. We can remove the damaged area and place it with a new piece of carpet and once we have finished you won’t even notice the patch. Our trained  technicians have completed all of  the required training courses and gained the necessary qualifications to perform this service quickly and Premium Carpet Cleaning Ltd. can offer this amazing service at astonishing unbeatable prices.

To complete this service we will provide all of the equipment needed including a household iron, a piece of carpet from an unnoticeable area of your choice, or if this isn’t an option maybe you can obtain a sample piece or cut off from the original shop it was purchased in, a carpet knife, a carpet repair patch pad, a carpet patch glue pad and a carpet grooming comb. The process for this service is extremely straightforward for our team and can be complete in a reasonable time allowing you to continue with your day.

The following steps are what’s needed to complete this service:

  1. Firstly a piece of carpet will be cut and shaped to fit the damaged area perfectly
  2. We will make the carpet patch pad completely wet not dripping but completely wet
  3. We will place the carpet patch glue pad under the carpet and centre it into the hole where the missing carpet is (it has a black line to help be sure its centre)
  4. Next we take the new pre-cut and shaped carpet patch and place it into the area where we want it to be fixed permanently.
  5. Brush it over with our carpet grooming brush removing any loose fibres and yarns
  6. Place the wet carpet repair patch pad directly on top of the patch centering it to be sure it covers the entire patch being repaired
  7. Place the preheated iron (highest cotton setting) directly onto the carpet repair patch pad, ensuring to cover all of the seams of the patch underneath.
  8. Hold in place for 60 seconds
  9. Repeat this step until the entire patch has been covered (again waiting another 60 seconds)
  10. Once the entire patch has been heated we remove the carpet repair patch pad and gently brush over the patch with the carpet grooming brush again (lightly fluffing the yarn up) this stops the yarns and fibres from drying flat.
  11. Once the patch is completely cool  we brush it over again with the carpet grooming brush to remove any further loose fibres and yarns. (Once cool it means the glue is dry)
  12. Lastly we trim away any backing strands.

the repair service is now complete and you will see that the patch is firmly stuck down and is unnoticeable.

The steam heats the glue and helps re, twists the fibres of the carpet this helps run the colours into the patch and twists the old fibres with the new fibres making the patch completely unnoticeable and as if the damaged area was never there. Saving you time and money spending hours picking out an entire replacement carpet.

This service and technique is new to us but don’t let that fool you into thinking that we don’t know what we’re doing, we’ve been training for this service for many months and have complete understanding of how to blend and repair the patches presented to us. If any problems occur and you are not satisfied with the result of the service please talk to us, we can rectify and fix any problems however we are confident to assure that this will not be a issue.

We are always available to take bookings, 7 days a week and have so many time slots to suit all of you, we understand that a lot of you have busy lives and don’t have the time to repair yourselves, this is why we can come at any time best for you and complete this service promptly. We continue to take bookings over bank holidays to widen the availability even more.

We have a team of Friendly office staff awaiting your Call or Email. They can help with any Questions and Queries that you may have and can give you free quotes and help complete your booking.

Please contact Premium Carpet Cleaning Ltd. today or visit our website for even more information and more of the services that we are able to offer you.Premium Carpet Cleaning Ltd. are proud and happy to announce that they can now provide you with Two completely new services: a Colour Repair service and a Carpet Repair service. Don’t hesitate to give them a try and be amazed with your newly Dyed or Repaired carpets.