Carpets are a huge part of a room’s Beauty. They can take an awful long time to pick the Perfect one and are usually quite Expensive to purchase. When you’re finally find the Perfect carpet you want to make sure that it’s Durable and hard Wearing yet Soft and Bouncy to touch allowing the Luxury feel and look. Now all carpets usually will last a few years to come but without the correct Care and Maintenance they can Perish, Fade and start looking very Dull and not to mention if there are any Spillages that leave stains that no matter how hard you try you think they can’t be removed. Unless…. You book with us here at Premium Clean. We can give you back that perfect Fluffy stain free carpet that you once remember.

In the Beautiful area of South West London we know that you all have Beautiful homes and want to always be able to give a Brilliant first Impression to all your guests and family members, We are a Professional cleaning company that supplies all of you in the South West London area with a Variety of cleaning services not just Carpet cleaning. Our carpet cleaning service however is one of our most Popular services and is sought after by lots of Residents, Landlords and Business owners in the area. We’ve been supplying you all with our 5 Star services for many years and over these years we have learnt so much from all the Carpets we have been presented with. Stains such as Car Oil, Chewing Gum, years old Mud, Wine, Playdough, Make-up, Wax, Pet Urine, Food and so many more the list could go on forever and we are yet to find a stain that we cannot remove. We use a machine that Specializes in Carpet and Upholstery cleaning. Using the power of Steam at Temperatures reaching an Astonishing 120 Degrees we are able to remove all Stains from all kinds of different types of Carpets, Rugs and Upholstery Fabrics. Mixed with our Professional cleaning Chemicals removing Stains and Odurs is a breeze for our Highly trained cleaning team. Our Steam cleaner the ProChem SteemPro 2000 is a highly Recommended professional Steam cleaning allowing us to remove all loose Particles even ones deep in the carpets fibres that most Vacuums just aren’t powerful enough to pick up. It also features 2 Water tanks one for Clean water and one for Dirty water keeping them separate so all dirt sucked up is completely removed. We are able to mix our carpet Shampoos into the water too so it allows us to complete the clean in a Quicker time. The Drying time is also very Respectable, 3-4 Hours is all it takes because the machine almost instantly sucks the water up after spraying meaning the carpet isn’t being Soaked in the water for long. Drying times will depend on the Temperature of the room and how Ventilated the room is but it’s based on a regular room temperature with a window open if in summertime.

All our Chemicals are also 100 Percent Eco-Friendly, this means that they cause no harm to the Environment keeping our planet safe, it also means that they are safe to be used around sensitive members of the household, members such as Children and Babies, your Pets and members of the household that suffer with Allergies. Because these chemicals don’t give off any Harmful toxins it means that there’s nothing Dangerous to be breathed in, thus making it perfectly safe to be around whilst the clean is taking place.

You can Book with us Via Phone, Email and even Facebook messenger so what’s stopping you, you can read more information about all our services on our Webpage and if you have any questions we have a Live chat option in there aswell so you can talk to one of our Friendly members of staff straight away.

Premium Clean here for all your cleaning needs.