Premium Clean a Trustworthy Professional Cleaning company taking pride in  ourselves and our cleaning services. With  our 5 Star ratings that we have worked so hard to achieve over the past few years and also gaining the Trust of all our customers. Were ready to provide the area of South East London our Fabulous cleaning services. Our cleaners are fully Trained and Trustworthy. They know that your carpets and homes are Valuable and are sure to be extra careful when completing any cleaning services that may have been booked in.

We pay immense attention to detail in all of our cleaning services and no matter how small we will always do the best possible to get brilliant results, If for any reason that there is an area that you are not happy with our office staff are always willing you discuss and if necessary send the cleaners back to complete a re-clean FREE of charge. 100 percent customer satisfaction is very important to us and our reputation so in order to keep a brilliant 5 star image we will do everything in our power to make sure you are happy. We are open 7 days a week and have a wide amount of time slots to ensure that we have a time and date perfect for you. We understand that some of you live busy schedules so where possible we will try and work around your schedule ensuring that you can get a pristine clean no matter how busy you are. We also continue taking booking over the bank holidays and weekends as if they are a normal working day. We want to be available at all time for our customers. We’ve received amazing reviews complimenting our timekeeping and attention to detail, you can take a look at these reviews in the checkatrade website, were fully registered.

Our entire team of cleaning specialists have all taken the necessary training courses and earned their badges and places in our company. We only hire the best of the best so you can rest assured when we say our team are trustworthy, caring and ready to clean. Our only goal in our cleans are to ensure your home’s carpets, Windows, Patios or entire house depending on the service that you’ve booked gleam and shine. Stain and odor free leaving you whole home with a sweet, fresh hygienic scent and feel.

Our Window cleaning service is one of our smaller services but it is a Fabulous service ensuring that your windows are Streak free and Gleaming leaving you with a clear view of the world outside. Windows can be an important feature to a home giving it a Brilliant first impression, Also a clean Driveway, Decking and or Patio can also leave a great first Impression, unwanted Weeds and Oil stains will be blasted away leaving the Brickwork, Woodwork and Slabbing clean and respectable. A regular Drive, Patio or Decking clean can also help keep the surface safe as over time Moss and Slippery algae can occur on top making the surface very Slippery and Unsafe to walk on, we will remove this and ensure that the Surface is Safe to be walked and Enjoyed.

We are well known for our fabulous attentions to detail in our End of Tenancy cleaning service and when you book to receive our end of tenancy cleaning service you will receive a full top to bottom clean. This will include the following checkpoints:

  • All Skirting, Doors and Doorframes will be wiped down and Polished
  • All Piping, Radiators and Door handles Wiped and Polished
  • All types of flooring will be Vacuumed and Mopped (Carpet, Tiles, Vinyl, Wood)
  • Interior windows Cleaned and left streak free
  • Inside and outside of cupboards
  • Fridge and Freezer Cleaned and disinfected
  • Inside and outside of Oven Cleaned and Disinfected
  • Bathroom Fully Cleaned and Disinfected ( toilet, Shower, Bath, Sink)
  • Wall Tiles and splashbacks Cleaned and disinfected
  • All Appliances Wiped down
  • Microwave cleaned inside and out

To receive this amazing service contact us today for a Free No Obligation quote or jump right in and book with us Today.