We are all aware of the facts concerning the biggest problem that we could have when having lots of carpets at home. It is exactly which carpet cleaning product that we should use for the respective carpet. Despite the good looking appearance that they might have, carpets actually accumulate a lot of dirt and they need not only regular but sometimes even daily maintenance..

Professional or Home Carpet Cleaning

Carpets also need to be cleaned in a specific way because when they are not properly clean they begun looking like a nest of dirt. Without having a proper maintenance, carpets can easily accumulate lots of dust, hair, dirty stains, etc. And when the maintenance is not done in a proper way, using the right carpet cleaning product and the right carpet cleaning methods, this will only lead to damaging the carpet after some time. It will not be able to be used according to its main function.

There are cases when you need professional carpet cleaning of your carpets and the stains that you have on your floor mats. The main reason is that you had the situation got out of your control and you do not know how to clean those stubborn stains.

So the best will be to take care of your carpet every day and to know how to deal with certain carpet stains . This article might help you exactly for this purpose. It will give you the right recommendations about the things you should pay more attention on.

What is the material of your carpet?

You need to be careful with some of the materials carpets are made of – like for example silk or wool, because they need proper care due to the reason that they are more sensitive to water under high pressure, as well as to cleaning with specific chemical agents. In order to avoid having problems with these natural materials, you need to choose and use the safest and the most effective way for fulfilling the task.

The main thing that you need to remember and it is actually quite easy to say it, is to prevent it from getting dirty. You can do this easy as well when you are living alone, but when you have a big family, then you need to clean it every day in order to avoid accumulation of dirt.


Cleaning Your Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner

A good cleaning should always start with vacuuming the carpet. It is something that does not take a lot of time and you can do it easily. If your vacuum cleaner is a good model and it removes larger and light debris and dust then you are in the perfect situation.

If you see that there are stains on the carpet you should not rub them because this will only lead to making it worse and even damage the carpet. First of all, you need to understand what type of stain this is and second, you should treat it with the right carpet cleaning product.

There are some really stubborn stains that could appear again even after treating them with a cleaning product. You may think that you have cleaned it, but it appears again after the carpet gets dry. If you want to avoid this, the best thing that you could do is to leave the cleaning product on the stain for several hours. In such a way the cleaning product will take the time to absorb the entire stain and then you can clean it in a regular way.

You should not try to help the stain getting dry, like for example using a hair dryer of an iron. This will only make things worse, but the best will be if you leave the carpet getting dry in a normal way so that the stain does not get even more stubborn.

Steam Carpet Cleaning At Home

You could use steam for cleaning the carpet as well as for refreshing it. If you can not manage by yourself, you can always call a carpet cleaning company. They usually use this method of carpet cleaning and hot water extraction.

There are some stains like those appearing from mold or mildew. For treating them you need carpet cleaning products like bleach for example. These products are quite strong so you need to be careful with the amount that you use as well as the way you use it so that you do not damage the carpet. Yes, these are cleaning products, but if you don’t use them properly they have the opposite effect of their main purpose.

Another important thing that you need to keep as a rule is that when something have spilled on the carpet, you should take care of it immediately. You should not leave it like this for a longer period of time, it could damage the fibers.

And if you do not have the right carpet cleaning product at that moment, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar. It will do a good job.

What’s next?

Please comment below your favorite carpet cleaning products that work best for you!