Does your carpet look Tired and Dull?  Is there a horrid Stain that you’ve Scrubbed and Scrubbed and tried to  remove with every possible cleaning chemical available to you, that is making you go out of your mind?  Are you ready to pull the entire lot up and just replace it with  a new carpet?  WAIT before you give up all hope and spend a fortune, give us a call at premium clean.

Our Fully Insured and Highly trained carpet Professionals are happy to be able to provide you all in the Peckham area a way to find that beautiful, bouncy carpet that you remember, the one that’s full of Colour and Life, the  one that’s Stain Free and a Delight to look at everyday, proud to show off. Our team of cleaners have all received the qualifications and certificates that are required to become a carpet cleaner, this allows us to be fully confident that they are worthy of working for us at premium clean. we only want the best cleaners to be a part of our cleaning company because they are the ones providing and ensuring that your the customers are completely happy.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Tenant wanting to just feel proud of your carpet, a Landlord getting ready for a new tenant to accept your property as their new home or a  Business that needs a perfect looking carpet to keep up a great Impression for all your customers, we can offer our  Professional carpet cleaning services to you all. We are pleased to offer our services  7 days a week and we will always try to find a Suitable time and date to fit you day to day life, we want you to know that  you can Trust us completely with your precious carpets and possessions whilst we are present in your property.  

Carpets can take a real battering everyday, they are always being used and can become victims of Spills and Dirt.As time goes on the dirt that bulids up can becoume very unhygenic, dust particals can build up and cause breathing problems and can esspecially cause problems forr allergy and ashtmah sufferes. This is why it is always recommended to have your carpets regularly Professionally cleaned and we provide all of the necessary Tools, Machinery and Cleaning products that are  needed to get rid of any type of Stain. We can remove such stains as Food, Wine, Mud, Paint, Play dough, felt tip pen including permanent marker, ketchup, grass stains, Candle wax , Oil and even Chewing gum. We can remove Stains that you may think are  going to be there bothering you forever.

A perfect recommended time inbetween Carpet cleans is about every 6 Months, this is so that Catching spills and stains regularly is achieved ensuring that the nasty stain doesn’t  get chance to sink deep down into the deepest carpet fibres making it  considerably harder to remove.     Our specialist carpet products including Shampoos, Stain removal mixtures, Odour neutraliser and  Carpet protection,offer all the best benefits when it comes to a clean carpet, the Shampoos  will penetrate the deep fibres of the carpet loosening the Spills and Stains lifting them to the  surface becoming easy to suck up, the Stain removal chemicals  are for those Stubborn stains that are a  little more difficult to remove it breaks down the particles in the Stain into smaller Particles so that it’s easier  to scrub out, Odour neutraliser will kill off any nasty smells this is particularly useful for  properties with Pets, we sometimes can’t smell these Odurs until a visitor is present, this can  be very Embarrassing so we always use a Odour neutraliser to ensure a Sweet clean scent is left  behind for your friends and family to enjoy, finally a Carpet protector can also be offered at an additional cost, normally in the form of a brilliant product called Scotchgard. Scotchgard acts as an invisible barrier that ensures any Spills won’t penetrate the fibres straight away giving you  time to mop it up with no damage to the carpet. This protection is very effective and can help maintain a Healthy  clean Hygienic carpet in between cleans. This usually does come at a small Additional price but again we offer the best prices possible.  

We provide all the Equipment needed for our services to be complete so you don’t need to provide anything other than a Water supply to fill our machine. The specialist machine that we use for our cleaning is called the Steam  Pro 2000, this machine is a top of the range, very Powerful Extraction carpet and upholstery cleaning  machine. It is capable of reaching a scorching temperature of 120 Degrees, this is a brilliant  temperature for cleaning,  Hot enough to kill all unwanted Germs and Dirt but gentle enough to not  damage the carpets in any way. It also sprays the water onto the carpet and immediately removes it so that the carpets don’t get completely soaked, this allows the drying time to be at a minimum of 2-3 hours. a time period that is so small giving you the rest of the day to continue use of the carpets. It’s the best carpet and upholstery cleaning machine available and when used with our ProChem cleaning chemicals it provides some truly Outstanding results, but don’t just take our word for it see for  yourselves, witness it with your own eyes.

We can Guarantee that you will not be in the slightest bit disappointed. When our cleaners arrive and once we have  access to the property we will start by moving any movable furniture so that we are able to clean as  much of the surface area as possible and we will clean as quickly as possible, we don’t want you to feel like we are in your way,If it’s an Office, restaurant and so on we will try to clean out of the working hours to minimise disruption to your day.

 We want the clean to be as Straightforward as possible from the moment you book to the  finished result, so please let us show you how great your carpets can really look and let us save you that money that you would have used to replace the carpet. we can prove to  you  that you don’t need to spend a fortune purchasing a new carpet to get a new feel, look and smell.


Every single one of our products are eco-friendly, for those of you that don’t really know what this means it simply means that all of our products have been created using natural resources. and the use of these products does not cause harm to the planet, giving of no toxic fumes and leading to no major side effects when being used.these eco friendly products are the safest products that can be used for everyone involved in the cleaning process they are safe to be used near pets and children and still give you an amazing result at the end of the clean. these products are just a win for every aspect when it comes to giving the best possible safe and pristine clean.

book with Premium Clean now and never look at dirty, worn out carpets ever again.