Taking cleaning into your own hands can be a tough decision, What chemicals can i use on that fabric?, Is that chemical damaging to my Health and the Environment? Will that cleaning Product remove that stain Safely? All these questions can cause Unnecessary stress and worry. Then you have to acquire all the correct Brushes, Cloths and Cleaning machines to apply and remove these chemicals. This can end up being quite costly before you’ve even started to clean. Then you have to worry of causing Damages to the Fabrics, Surfaces and so on possibly leading to even more costs to replace the damaged items. Why worry, Why go through the Stress when you have us Premium Clean knocking at your doors in the North West London area ready and willing to take care of all of these issues for you. Premium Clean can provide you will all your cleaning needs and at some Amazingly Affordable prices too. We want everyone to be able to benefit from our cleaning services, Customers that are New and Ongoing customers, no matter who you are we will treat you and your home with the most Respect and Care. Giving you a home to be proud of once again.

Your Upholstery, Carpets, Windows, Entire home can be cleaned and Polished to Shine. Every crack and space will be fully cleaned when receiving our End of Tenancy cleaning service and all Upholstery will be Scrubbed and Steam cleaned when our Upholstery cleaning service is required. We won’t leave any pillow unturned. Every one of our cleaners have Understanding of all kinds of Fabrics and that they all require different Methods of cleaning to ensure no damage is left. We use only the best available cleaning products and can clean all kinds of Upholstery including Sofas, Chairs, Mattresses, Curtains and even your Car interior. There isn’t anything we can’t clean. The cleaners that we provide have all undergone the needed Training and have all received the Certificate to prove this. They have had Full Training on how to use the Machinery and how all kinds of Stains can be Removed. Wine, Food, Pet hairs, Odurs and so much more can be removed from your Upholstery Carpets and Flooring with ease. Our SteemPro 2000 can penetrate and lift stains from the deepest of fibres making it incredibly easy to remove unwanted stains and smells. This would be Hard to achieve without our Professional Machinery and Chemicals.

Our Window cleaning service is one of our smaller services but it is a Fabulous service ensuring that your windows are Streak free and Gleaming leaving you with a clear view of the world outside. Windows can be an important feature to a home giving it a Brilliant first impression, Also a clean Driveway, Decking and or Patio can also leave a great first Impression, unwanted Weeds and Oil stains will be blasted away leaving the Brickwork, Woodwork and Slabbing clean and respectable. A regular Drive, Patio or Decking clean can also help keep the surface safe as over time Moss and Slippery algae can occur on top making the surface very Slippery and Unsafe to walk on, we will remove this and ensure that the Surface is Safe to be walked and Enjoyed.

We Believe that all our services are just as important as each other and all need to be provided with the most Attention to detail. From the Bigger jobs to the Smaller jobs we take Pride in making sure that you as a customer are 100 Percent happy with Every piece of the service that we provide. We Guarantee this so if there is any part of the clean that you were Unhappy with we will happily discuss this with you and try our hardest to solve the problem area. We are even happy to come back and provide a Second clean to Rectify any problem areas. Free of charge. We are Registered on the Checkatrade website so you can go on and take a look at our Previous reviews. We have so many Happy customers that are continuing to book our Fabulous services.

We want to Spread the Happiness of a Pristine Sweet smelling home so please Book with us, take that chance and you will not be Disappointed. You will want to tell all your Friends and Family about our brilliant cleaning services.

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