Brilliant Carpet Cleaning can be hard to find and can mean trying a few different companies before actually finding one that is Perfect for you and your Carpets. This hunting can be very Stressful and let’s face it you could end up spending a lot of Money on carpet cleaning services that you’re not completely satisfied with. Why waste your time and money searching when here at Premium Clean we can assure and Guarantee that you receive a clean that you will be more than happy with. And we can provide it to you all in the North London area.


We Pride ourselves on our 5 Star ratings and have worked so hard to achieve and gain the Trust of all our customers. Our cleaners are fully Trained and Trustworthy. They know that your carpets and homes are Valuable and are sure to be extra careful when completing any cleaning services that may have been booked in. Our carpet cleaning for example is completed using only the best possible cleaning Chemicals and Equipment. All our cleaning and Stain Removal products are Eco-Friendly and safe for everyone around when the clean is being provided and after the clean is complete. We use a amazing Carpet cleaning machine known as the SteemPro 2000, a machine from the ProChem range and again it is the Top of the range and best machine available. It gives us the power to remove all kinds of Stains and revive all kinds of Carpets and Rugs without causing any damage at all. Using purely Steam the Steam Pro 2000 uses only a Clean water source to clean whilst disposing of the Dirty water into a secondary tank keeping it separate at all times. It also Heats the water to temperatures up to 120 Degrees, Cleaning at such High temperatures kills any Germs and Bacteria that may be present in the carpets fibres. This allows us to treat Deep stains also breaking up even the toughest of stain Particles, lifting the stains to the surface. We can remove stains including Chewing Gum, Oil, Grease, Wine, Leftover dropped food, Sauces, Juice anything that has been spilt can be removed safely. Our Cleaning Chemicals also all include a Anti-Odor control ingredients, This will Eliminate any nasty Lingering smells. Odurs have a tendency to creep in and Cling onto the fibres and sometimes you don’t even notice them until they get too bad. Our Chemicals will replace these smelly Odurs with a Fruity, Fresh, Clean smell, filling your entire home allowing you to enjoy the newly cleaned carpet to its fullest.


Carpet cleaning isn’t our only service that we are happy to provide you with we have a Wide selection of services for all your needs. Another of our most popular and always booked services is our End of Tenancy cleaning service. This service is mainly popular with Landlords or Tenants that are ready to move onto their new homes. A Deposit is usually left at the beginning of a Tenancy agreement and in order to receive this deposit back at the End of the tenancy agreement you have to make sure that the property is left in a Pristinely clean and Acceptable state. Making sure this is Achieved can be tough and require a lot of Hard work to get it as clean as the Landlord will be expecting and if it isn’t up to their Requirements they can withhold your Deposit and keep it to get it to the required state. They can even charge you more than the Deposit if any damages have been made. This is why we say book with Premium Clean. We can make sure that the property is Perfect and ready for your Landlord. We complete a full Top to Bottom clean, cleaning Everything inside of the property including Inertia windows. This saves you Time and Effort and gives you the promise that you will receive your Deposit back. Your Landlord will 100 Percent be happy with their property once our cleaners have been in to clean.

Other services can include Exterior window cleaning, Driveway cleaning, Rug cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Oven cleaning, Pre-Tenancy cleaning and so much more. Our goal is to provide all the services that you may need meaning that you can have one Perfect cleaning company instead of 2 or 3. Make Premium clean your go to cleaners you won’t regret it we Guarantee it


Call, Email, Facebook messenger and even Twitter. So many ways to Contact us for a Free quote, Advice or jump straight in and making your Booking. Our friendly office staff are always willing to share Advice and guide you through our Cleaning processes. We  want you to feel completely Comfortable when booking and when receiving the clean.


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