Hello residents in the North East London Area from all of us at premium clean. We want to make you feel part of the family when you book with us, complete relaxation and we want you to feel like you home is safe in our hands. Our team of highly trained and dedicated cleaning professionals all are trustworthy, polite and ready to give you a cleaning service fit for a king. Everyone of the services that we provide are all of a 5 star quality and we can assure that you will be satisfied with the service you are provided with from start to finish.

All of our services are provided with all Equipment and Products included into the given price at the time of booking, we will also pay any Parking charges that may occur. All we need is for you to allow us Entry to the property and our cleaning staff will simply just get on with their job. They will work Quietly and Quickly to ensure no Disruption comes to you or anyone else in the property. Once they have finished the clean if you are Present they may ask you to inspect the clean to ensure that you are satisfied with their work, if you are not Present you can contact us if there is any problems or areas that you don’t believe have been cleaned to their fullest. If for any reason there is a problem we will do our best to rectify it, if necessary booking a second clean FREE of charge to fix the issue at hand. We want you to be completely satisfied with every area that is cleaned After all it’s your positive feedback and comments that have helped us get to where we are today, a well known, trusted and sought after cleaning company.

Our services can be a s big or as little as you may need, Oven cleaning, Fridge freezer cleaning, Exterior window cleaning and even car interior cleaning is available. As Well as the bigger services such as end of tenancy, carpet, after party and upholstery cleaning services these are some of our most popular services. So many of you have already received these fabulous cleans and have published your thoughts on the checkatrade website. We are fully registered and insured so you can go online and take a look at some of our previous and ongoing customers.

Our end of tenancy cleaning service is our most thorough service as during everything inside of the property will be cleaned. Doors, Doorframes, Pipes and radiators, Windows, All flooring will be vacuumed and washed, Surfaces and worktops disinfected and washed, Oven cleaned inside and out, all appliances cleaned, Cupboards inside and out. The list goes on everything is cleaned and using all eco friendly products so that there are no nasty harmful toxins filling the air. This means that everyone around during or after the clean are safe this includes pets, children and allergy sufferers. Just because they are eco friendly thi doesn’t mean that they aren’t as powerful as other5 shelf brought cleaners, we’ve learnt that these eco friendly products are actually just as good if not better than shelf brought chemicals. Powering through grease, Dirt and killing 100 percent bacteria and germs.

We could go on about our services but if you need any further information about any services, booking times, anything at all you can visit our webpage and check out all the info you may need and more from the machined that we use to the chemicals in more detail. The website features a live chat option so you can actually chat with a real person there and then. All our office staff are friendly and ready to assist you. Call, Email, Facebook message whichever way you decide to contact us you can do so with ease even if it’s just for a free no obligation quote.

Just contact us today, don’t waste anymore time looking for a cleaning company that provides it all because you’ve found us.