There are some cleaning Chores that everyone dreads and puts of until it gets so bad that it’s almost Impossible to get clean. Cleaning such as Oven cleaning, Window cleaning, Bath Scum and Limescale, Kitchen grease. All these can be tough to remove and without the correct cleaning products can be a losing battle. Most shop bought brands have a highly Toxic smell and give of so many harmful Fumes but they don’t actually cut through the Grease and Dirt. This means that you can affect your health for no positive reason at all.

Receiving a Professional clean from Premium Clean means that you don’t have to do any of the tough hard work and you can get a Professional finish at Amazing prices. We can remove all Limescale, Soap Scum and 100 Percent Germs from all Toilets, Sinks, Bathtubs and Showers, We can remove all Streaks and Smudges from all Windows and Glass, All Stains and Loose dirt from your Carpets and Upholstery, Disinfect all kitchen appliances and even completely strip your Oven and Fridge Freezer inside and out so it’s Dirt free and completely Hygienic ready to be enjoyed once again. Our cleaning services are truly Amazing and can leave your Entire home Sparkling and Smelling amazing.

Our products are all top of the range and the best that are available to us. And all our machinery is the best for the individual job that it’s required to complete. Brand names such as ProChem and Karcher. As Well as these amazing cleaning products and machinery we have the best team of cleaners in the Near London Area. They are willing to get into the smallest of spaces to ensure that every section of your home is perfect. They care about you belongings and take extra care when moving any Furniture or Decor, before then placing it back where it was found. In order to make sure every part of you home is cleaned we are willing to move anything that is safely movable. We will clean Doorframes, Pipework, Skirting everything will be Cleaned, Wiped, Dusted, Polished and so on.

Were known for our Amazing Carpet and Upholstery cleaning services. Previous Customers and Businesses have given us some Brilliant feedback and Reviews and these are all available for you to view on the Checkatrade website. Its taken us many years to work up to how well known and loved that we are today. It has taken many Pristine cleans, Intense training and Hundreds of satisfied customers to build our business and we are extremely proud to be able to say that we are the best in the area. Our End of Tenancy cleaning is also a very popular cleaning service and our Office cleaning is becoming more and more sought after. We can even offer you After and Pre-Party cleaning services for any special Occasions that you might have planned or upcoming. We can prepare the space and then clean up any mess created once you’re finished Dancing the night away. Letting you enjoy the party or event without worry of cleaning up afterwards. In our Office cleaning services we can remove all rubbish and Dust/Polish all Desks and Equipment. If required we can also clean the Carpets (at a small additional cost) We remove any stains that  may be present, Wine, Food, Coffee, Chewing gum and so on. We will clean any Dining spaces as well including the Cafeteria or Coffee room wiping down all Appliances and Preparation surfaces. Leaving a Germ free space ready to be used.

To book with Premium Clean it couldn’t be easier you can Call us, Email us, Facebook message us or even Tweet us. But we also offer the Live chat option on our webpage this allows us to speak with you straight away and we are able to answer any Questions you may have and it also allows us to offer you a FREE no Obligation quote before you make the decision to book with us. We want you to feel completely Comfortable when booking with us.

Were available at Weekends and Bank holidays and these days don’t require any changes to our pricing, all prices are fixed and stay the same. There are No Hidden charges with Premium Clean.