We are happy to offer you all a carpet cleaning London service that is Guaranteed to make you look at your carpets differently. Carpets are a large feature in any room whether it’s a Restaurant, Office, Living area or Bedroom. It’s always Seen and Felt throughout the days and some areas can get a lot of use.

Heavily used areas are areas that are Walked on the most and that are most likely to occur Spillages and Staining. These areas are the areas that let the Entire room down after time and can make you feel like the only option is to Replace the entire carpet. This can cost a lot of Money and nine times out of ten the carpet can be Restored to a glorious sight with one of our Professional carpet cleaning services.

Why spend a fortune replacing your carpets when we are here waiting for your call and have a Team ready to come and give your carpets the Care that they so desperately need.

We Are a Team of Well Trained and Experienced Carpet Cleaners


We provide a Highly trained yet small team of Professional carpet cleaners that have been provided with all the necessary Training courses. The cleanersknow a lot of information on what Chemicals and what types of carpets can be cleaned in a wide variety of ways. They have all Passed these tests in very impressive Timescales. They all have received the needed Certificates to become the best Carpet cleaners around. Our job is to give the most Highly detailed, Quick efficient and Professional carpet cleaning possible. This is what we will provide without fail. We also can clean your Rugs too.

All of the products that we use to complete these carpet cleaning services are 100% Eco-Friendly. This ensures that they are completely Safe to use in properties with Children, Pets and Allergy sufferers. The Eco-Friendly products give off no Toxic fumes so that even with you and your family present we can complete the cleaning process.

The carpet Shampoos, Pre-Treatment, Spot-Treatment and any other Chemicals that we provide all contain Amazing natural scents (Deodorizers) and  Urine Neutralizers for all of you that own Pets.

We provide all of the Equipment and Chemicals needed and will travel to you and pay for our own Parking where necessary. We don’t add any Additional charges for these perks, everything is included in the Price you are given. No hidden charges.

5 Star Professional carpet cleaning experience

We always aim to give you a 5 Star Professional carpet cleaning experience. After all we want you to know that you can Trust us to give you the best service possible and we want you to feel Confident enough to book us again and again.

Carpet cleaning London service is best to be complete at least Once every year. This is a Minimum and the reason for this is to maintain the Look and Feel of the carpets. To remove any Stains and Dirt that builds up to ensure a Clean and Hygienic carpet.

Dust and Dirt can build up Deep down in the carpets fibres where you can’t necessarily see it, but we know it is there and will only get worse if left Uncleaned. Everyday Vacuums just simply aren’t strong enough to suck out the deepest of dirt.

If you have any Pets we would recommend a more regular clean, every 3-4 Months minimum. Pets loose Hair and Skin particles everyday and these get Trapped amongst the fibres as well as any Urine, Germs and Mud brought in from outside. They bring in Considerably more Dirt than households without Pets so a more regular clean proves more effective in Maintaining the life of the carpet.


Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Methods

With all the methods of Carpet cleaning they all begin with a Vacuum of the entire area. This removes any Loose dirt particle preparing the area to be cleaned.

Our most common method of carpet cleaning is the Steam cleaning method, but we also offer a Dry carpet cleaning service for more Delicate carpets. It is still a Highly effective method but does not use any Water and Heat so prevents Delicate fabrics from Shrinking and or Discolouring.

There are only few types of carpets that require this Dry cleaning service as most carpet fabrics can withstand the Steam cleaning process but for the few that can’t this method is available. We believe that the Steam cleaning service is very Effective and is the best, most effective form of carpet cleaning.

Performed with the most Powerful Steam Hot Water Extraction machine, it reaches the Highest temperature possible to remove even the toughest of Stains and Grime without damaging a single fibre in the carpet. It has an Amazing suction power that removes any loosened Dirt leaving behind a Flawless looking and Beautiful smelling carpet.

Why do you need our carpet cleaning services ?

after-carpet-cleaning-premiumHaving a Professional carpet clean from us will Dramatically improve the Lifespan of your Carpets and Rugs. We want to make sure that you can keep the same carpets and rugs for as long as possible getting as much use out of them as possible before the need to replace them.

Giving you more time to enjoy them, after all you probably spent Hours if not Days looking through Catalogs and collecting Samples before you found the perfect carpet colour and fabric type for the selected room. The perfect match that may not be available when it is time to replace, and you will have to go through the process of choosing again. We want to make this as distant as possible.

Amongst our carpet cleaning services we can also offer a Protection service at Additional charges. The protection service that we can offer is performed using a product called Scotchgard, a spray on chemical that is the Easiest and most effective way to protect your carpets from Stains and Spills. We simply spray it directly onto the Freshly cleaned carpets or rugs and it is an Invisible barrier.

Scotchgard helps prevent the Spills from seeping deep down into the fibres. It does not provide a 100% Waterproof protection barrier but it does help slow down the Staining process so that you have more time to wipe up the spill before it stains. It has proven to be a very Effective form of protection used by most carpet cleaning companies, however we offer it at Amazing prices.

Reliable Carpet Cleaning Company In London

All of our prices are Extremely reasonable but don’t let this make you think that a Low price means a Low quality service. This is where we are different because we provide great Affordable prices yet still give the Amazing professional 5 Star guaranteed cleaning service that some of the most Expensive carpet cleaning companies offer.

All we need you to do is put your Faith in us and book with us, after the first cleaning service that you receive from us you will Definitely be booking us again and again and we know that you will want to Recommend us to all your Family and Friends so that they can have Amazing carpets and rugs too. We always Guarantee a Happy customer and if this isn’t achieved we will book and re-clean FREE of charge.

Book with us to receive the Best carpet and rug cleaning service possible. Live happy knowing that your carpets are as Clean and Hygienic as possible. This is giving you a Safe flooring for your Children too.

Contact us through Email, Telephone, Facebook or Twitter for a FREE no Obligation quote. Get Booked in at a Time and Date convenient for you.