As a well known and trusted Professional Carpet cleaning company we understand the importance of a Brilliantly clean, hygienic carpet. This is why we want to provide and offer  the Tenants and local Businesses of Lewisham a  brilliant Trustworthy carpet cleaning service. Carpets are such an important feature in your  homes and places of business, they are extremely Expensive to buy and have fitted in the first place so  you want them to last as long as possible. Its very important that you get your Carpets  regularly deep cleaned, this is to Maximise the full life of the carpet but it is also to ensure that it  is Hygienically clean at all times, looking, feeling and smelling brilliant. We can offer you this  Professional service that we speak off at an amazing affordable price. We can give you our honest word that your  carpets will Look, Feel and Smell as good as new once we’ve treated and cleaned them, it will be like having a new carpet laid just without the huge price tag that goes with it. We  know that there are hundreds of carpet cleaning companies out there all trying to reassure you that they are the best but we want you to be  100% sure that if you choose us you will not be disappointed in any possible way. Every single one of our bookings that we take we ensure to provide only Highly trained and Fully insured carpet cleaners, they have worked very hard to  make sure that they can provide a 5 Star carpet cleaning service, and are very Passionate about  the finished result being as perfect as it possibly can be. After all if you aren’t happy with the cleaning service then  there isn’t any point in trying to be a Great Carpet cleaning company.  We can offer all different types of Carpet cleaning allowing us to be able to clean a Wider variety  of different carpet fabrics, we most commonly will offer the Steam cleaning technique. This  technique we believe, is the most highly Effective type of carpet cleaning and is usually suitable for  most carpets. The process is very simple and can be done in a fairly quick reasonable  time, depending  on the size of the room and so on. We will completely vacuum the area thoroughly before we start removing any loose dirt and dust so that we can clean on a fresh canvas before the  Steam cleaning process is begun. We will carefully move  any furniture that can be moved to Maximise the area that is being cleaned, we want you to get the most out of booking with us. Then we will  proceed to use a extraordinary machine called the Steam Pro Extraction 2000 carpet cleaner. This  machine is truly amazing, able of reaching a high Temperature of 120 Degrees. Being able to clean  at this remarkable temperature means that all Bacteria and Germs are completely eliminated and any Stains are  effectively removed. The high powered suction of the machine ensures that each individual Fibre of the carpet is  cleaned so that the fibres can stand upright again and feel bouncy like new. We mix our specialist  Shampoos, Stain removal and Odor neutralizing chemicals into the water inside of the  clean tank on the machine, this means we can clean quicker, the machine sprays the Chemical infused water  onto the carpet evenly  then through a secondary pipe will suck the Dirt and water backup into a  separate dirty tank. This helps to keep the carpet from getting too wet thus decreasing the drying  time to a quick 2-3 Hours. We do offer a Dry Carpet cleaning service for any Delicate rugs  and carpet  materials but this is not as often asked after and is uncommon as the Steam cleaning method is safe to be performed on so  many carpet types and rugs.    All of our Chemicals that are used are 100% Safe to be used with Children present and are safe for Pets  and Allergy sufferers too. We wouldn’t want to put any of our customers at risk of Toxin  inhalation so we use only Eco Friendly products, we believe that Eco Friendly products are the best type for all types of cleaning and are definitely the Safest products to use when cleaning for everyone involved. We use  well known brands such as ProChem, these products are Highly recommended and have proven to provide the best  possible results. We rely on these products teamed with our knowledge and training of carpet cleaning to  provide a Professional service and we haven’t had any problems to this day so far so we

We can offer a Scotchgard carpet protection service as an additional perk, this service will ensure to keep your carpets in tip top shape in between cleans. It will help prevent spills from penetrating deep into the fibres so that the stains are easier to remove when the nest clea does come around. It’s completely invisible so that the look and feel of your carpets aren’t compromised at all, it’s like it was never applied but is secretly protecting your carpets from smelly odurs, dirt and spills. It comes at an additional cost but it is a cost that is well worth the purchase. We make it affordable because we want to help protect your carpets the best that we possible can. If you are unsure and want to learn more about this product Look it up you will find that it is used By only the best carpet cleaning companies and has been proven to be highly effective the best carpet protector out there.

must be cleaning right. When cleaning is done with some of the more well known shop shelf  products a lot of these Chemicals give off a strong Toxic smell and release fumes into the air, this can have a lasting affect  on your Health, problems such as Breathing difficulty, Itching of the skin and Irritation, some  chemicals that are found can even cause Burning if contact with the skin is met. This is why  we are so sure on using Eco friendly products for our cleaning. They smell beautiful and are harmless to all human and animals.    Book with us to get a Professional, Safe carpet cleaning service one that you won’t be  Disappointed in, we can assure you of that.That cleaning company that you’ve been searching for… you’ve found it, we will impress you with our results and you will want to share our services with your family and friends, because you know that everyone deserves to have a perfect clean carpet. Everyone desires to look down and see a stain free, bouncy full of life and colour carpet or rug.

You can call us now, you can get a FREE no obligation quote, Book in for our services, or even just call us for some advice we are more than happy to help where we can. We have an Email, Facebook, Twitter and Live chat option that is guaranteed to provide a quick response. So don’t hold out contact us now and never have to worry about a stained, dull, dreary looking carpet ever again, make us you go to carpet cleaners, let us make you smile when you look at your carpets.