Having a Reliable cleaning company that can cater for any services that you may need is important and it makes it a lot easier if it’s right on your Doorstep. This is why we are proud and excited to say that Premium Clean can offer you all in the East London Area every cleaning service that you may require. We have Worked extremely hard over the years to improve and ensure that we are the best cleaners out there.

All of our cleaning Technicians have had every piece of training that is required to make them the best cleaners. They all have had to go through Extensive training courses and achieve all their certificates to prove that they know everything they need to know about Stains and cleaning. They understand that some Stains require more work than others and some Fabrics and Textiles need to be treated with Extra care. Some need to be Pre-Treated and some need Aftercare to ensure that no Damage is caused. Premium Clean only employ the best to join our team of cleaners.

They all have studied the Chemicals that we use in all our cleaning, Our cleaning products are the best available on the market. All Eco-Friendly and safe to be used around all our customers and their family members. Pets, Children and Allergy sufferers are all completely safe from harmful Toxins.

So our cleaning services include Window Cleaning, Patio Cleaning, Pre- tenancy Cleaning, Office Cleaning and so many more. If you want the full list you can visit our website and look through the other great services that we offer. Our most sought after service would have to be our End Of Tenancy Cleaning Service, This is our most booked service and for great reasons too. We are well known for our fabulous attentions to detail in our cleaning and when you book our end of tenancy cleaning service you will receive a full top to bottom clean. This will include the following checkpoints:

  • All Skirting, Doors and Doorframes will be wiped down and Polished
  • All Piping, Radiators and Door handles Wiped and Polished
  • All types of flooring will be Vacuumed and Mopped (Carpet, Tiles, Vinyl, Wood)
  • Interior windows Cleaned and left streak free
  • Inside and outside of cupboards
  • Fridge and Freezer Cleaned and disinfected
  • Inside and outside of Oven Cleaned and Disinfected
  • Bathroom Fully Cleaned and Disinfected ( toilet, Shower, Bath, Sink)
  • Wall Tiles and splashbacks Cleaned and disinfected
  • All Appliances Wiped down
  • Microwave cleaned inside and out

All of these steps are completed on out clean and they are complete with the most attention to detail and our cleaners do the best that they can. We can assure that you will not be disappointed with our service. We pride ourselves on our 100 percent customer satisfaction and won’t accept any less so if there is any area that you feel hasn’t been cleaned properly we want you to tell us so we can discuss and rectify the problem area. We also are able to offer a Spectacular Carpet Cleaning Service that will have you smiling from ear to ear when wear finished. We can remove all kinds of stains Red Wine, Makeup, Oil, Food, Mud, Chewing Gum and so many more. We can ensure that your carpets are left pristinely clean and smelling beautifully fresh. Ready for any occasion, guests or just simply for you to enjoys everyday.

Premium Clean are fully Registered and Fully Insured to ensure your peace of mind. We supply all Equipment and Cleaning Chemicals, pay any Parking Charges that may occur and Dispose of any rubbish that we may create. We are Registered on the Checkatrade website so you can Log on and take a look at our Previous Customer reviews, and decide for yourself if we are the cleaners for you. We aren’t afraid to boast of our 5 Star Ratings.

So stop hesitating and book with Premium Clean today and get a Fabulous Cleaning Service.