For all of the Homeowners, Tenants, Landlords and Businesses of the Crystal Palace area, we are Excited and very eager to be able to provide you with a Carpet Cleaning service like no other that you will have seen before. We can give your Dull, Tired looking, Stained carpets a new lease of life and we can complete this finish in just a few hours of cleaning. We have a Brilliant, Friendly fully Trained and fully Insured team of carpet cleaners that simply Specialise in carpet cleaning only. Our carpet cleaning experts have all individually gone through the best and most Intense Training courses including all knowledge on how the cleaning Machines are to be used and operated and the correct and safest ways to mix and apply all of the Chemicals that are ever needed to use to provide any and all types of carpet cleaning. Every single type of carpet can be cleaned it just requires the correct Knowledge on how to clean each different type of carpet material, Wool, Thick pile, Long pile and Short pile. They all can be cleaned. You can rest assured that if your carpets are being cleaned by us at ……….. that they are in great hands with us.

We use only the best and most up to date cleaning Materials and Products, Prochem is our main source when it comes to cleaning products, we believe that it is the best brand available to achieve the best possible results, we use their amazing carpet Shampoos, Conditioners, Pre-Spot Treatments, Stain removal, and so many more products. We team these chemicals up with a Machine called the Steam Pro 2000, the best machine out there. This machine can reach temperatures of 120 Degrees, at this Temperature Germs and Bacteria don’t stand a chance at surviving. This means that your Carpets will be extremely clean and Hygienic. As well as using these Shampoos and Conditioners our Stain removers are so tough that they can remove even the toughest, deepest of stains, Dropped Food, Red Wine, Mud, Oil, Make-up, Grass Stains, Paint, Candle WAx and even Chewing Gum can be removed safely without damaging the fibres. The ProChem range also includes a Beautiful Odor Neutralizer so that any unwanted smells will be Vaporized, this is especially useful to those of you that have Pets in your homes. This Deodorizer leaves a beautiful natural smelling scent in your homes. There’s even more reasons to love this range of products as well as all of this, the ProChem range is also 100% Eco-Friendly and 100% Safe to use around Pets ,Children and Allergy sufferers, we want to make sure that all our customers are Safe from nasty Toxins whilst we clean even those that stand on 4 paws.

A little about the Carpet Cleaning service that we provide, we always want to make sure that every one of our customers, Regular or just a one of clean receives the Highest quality of cleaning possible, we understand how much of an impact a clean carpet can make, after all you have to look and walk on your carpets everyday so they should look and feel perfect at all times. Carpets can be very Expensive to replace ad this is not alway necessarily needed so we want to try and make this a last resort. We aim to make your carpets look and feel like the first day that you laid them. Your satisfaction and opinion is the most important thing to us so we offer an option that if for any reason at all that you’re Unhappy we can arrange a re-book at a Date and Time convenient to you to hopefully sort the affected area that is lacking in perfection. This of course will be performed FREE of charge because it’s our job to provide a perfect cleaning service in every fibre of your carpets. This is very unlikely as we always perform at a 5 Star standard and want the best possible reviews from all of you, your Comments and Reviews are so important for our business to grow and without your comments we wouldn’t be where we are now. It’s because of you the people of Watford that we’ve been able to get as Big and as Well Known as we are now.

When we provide you with our service we will carry out some of the following steps: Firstly we will Vacuum the entire surface areas, this is to remove any loose Dirt and Dust particles giving us a fresh area to clean. Then we will Pre-Treat the area with a Pre-Treatment Stain Remover, this product’s lifts the stains to the surface making it a lot easier to suck up all the particles of the Stains in the next step, we will then use the amazing Steam Pro Extraction machine filled with clean Hot water and the cleaning Shampoos, Conditioners, this machine has 2 Pipes one that sprays the Clean Chemical infused water evenly onto the carpet surface and one that sucks it almost immediately  back into a Secondary dirty water tank, because it does this process so quickly the carpet doesn’t get too Wet meaning that it won’t take too long to dry once finished. The final process is to Spot treat any remaining stains with a Powerful stain treatment Chemical, this is for the more ground in Stubborn stains, sometimes the really Stubborn ones need that extra bit of Attention to remove. All that’s left then is to leave the Carpet to completely dry, it is very important to make sure the carpet is completely dry before using it again as using it whilst it’s wet will post a higher risk of stains. The drying time is approximately 2-3 Hours this will depend entirely on the Temperature of the room.

We can offer you a Final service at an affordable Additional cost and it is a Protection service to keep those stains at bay. Using a product called Scotchgard we can treat the Freshly cleaned carpets so that they remain cleaner for longer, this product really does preform and Repel stains, stopping them from Penetrating the deep fibres of the carpet. This is basically to protect your carpets in between cleans the more tits protected in between cleans the less likely to end up with deep stubborn stains. We believe this is a add on that is highly effective and recommended for everyone to receive.

Choose us for that Professional carpet clean that you’ve been searching for, you will Not be disappointed with the results that we can leave behind. As said before we thrive on ensuring that your carpets are at there best ready to be enjoyed by all of your family and friends. we hope that you feel confident enough to recommend our carpet cleaning services to your friends, businesses and other family members. we want all the homes of Watford to have pristine carpets, carpets to be proud of. So Call, Twitter, Facebook message, Email or even live chat us on our webpage. Whichever contact procedure is best for you, do it now don’t wait for your carpets to get worse beyond repair.