Great Quality, Amazing staff and Pristine results. All the things that you can expect from a Professional clean from Premium Clean. Residents of Central London can sleep easy at night knowing that they can rely on Premium Clean to provide a Trustworthy variety of cleaning services everyday of the year.

Our Professional End of Tenancy cleaning service provides a clean of the Entire property, including all Frames, Surfaces, Flooring, Pipes, Interior Windows and so much more. The intensity of this clean will leave you with a Smile on your face and a property that Smells, Looks and Feels Hygienic and completely clean.

We provide a full list of the steps and exactly what gets cleaned during our End of Tenancy clean on our Website. We have a Trusted, Confident, Highly Trained team of cleaning professionals. They have had Intense training including all the ways to use the Chemicals that we use for our cleaning services . They understand every Surface and Fabric can require a different Technique and a different Strength of cleaning products to ensure that no damage is caused during the clean. In the unlikely chance that damage is caused you can relax as we are Fully Insured and will discuss the damaged area with you and do our best to Replace or Fix the problem. Your Satisfaction is very important to everyone one of us at Premium Clean and we will not accept anything other that 100 Percent customer Satisfaction.

All of our services are complete using Eco-Friendly cleaning products not only are these products the best at delivering Fabulous results that are also the Safest chemicals to use with anyone in the household/ property. Allergy sufferers, Pets and Children are all completely safe to be in the area being cleaned during and after it’s been complete. We also use the best Carpet and Upholstery cleaning machine available, the SteamPro 2000 has the highest rating for Carpet and Upholstery cleaning and we are Proud to use it. It allows us to use the power of Steam at temperatures up to 120 Degrees. This is a Incredible temperature to clean with and even though it is classed as very Hot it is safe to clean with without causing damages such as Shrinking, Colour run and so on. Because of this machine and our specialist Shampoos and Treatments we can remove all Loose Dirt and lift even the Deepest of Stains, And as an added bonus our Chemicals all contain a Deodorizer so all nasty odurs will be Eliminated and replaced with a Fresh, Sweet scent.

Along with our End of Tenancy and our Carpet and Upholstery cleaning services there are so many more services that we can offer you all in the Central London Area. Services as little as Oven cleaning, Window cleaning, Patio cleaning Central London For a full list of our services visit our webpage Central London All detailing and services can be found on there.

You can also find a Live chat option on our web page, allowing you to talk to a member of staff straight away. They can answer any further Questions that you may have, Book you in or simply provide you with a Free no Obligation quote. We are available 7 days a Week and have wide time slots to make sure that we have Availability for as many of you as possible. We understand that some of you have Busy schedules and it can be hard to find time to fit cleaning into your day so we can offer to Collect your keys and then return them at the end of the clean meaning you can continue with your day whilst we take care of the dirty work.

We can’t advise you enough that you will not be Disappointed with our services, the best way for you to experience the joys from our cleans it to make the leap and Book with us. We are certain that you will be Fully satisfied with whatever service that you need to book.

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