Welcome to PremiumClean we are a trusted fully insured and always preform  to the best that we possibly can carpet cleaning company. We are pleased to be able to offer all of you, Landlords, Businesses and Tenants in the Battersea area a fabulous Professional Carpet Cleaning service with our well known professional cleaning company Premium Clean. Premium Clean has been cleaning the lovely homes of Hemel Hempstead for many years now and has built up a pretty Impressive reputation with every single customer that has chosen to book with us. We treat every single one of our customers with the Highest level of Respect and make sure that they receive nothing less than a 5 Star Carpet Cleaning service every time. Our main goal as a friendly carpet cleaning company is a happy customer and in result of this so many of you know and trust we will perform the Perfect clean for your property. However there are still some people out there that are yet to discover the amazing services that we provide which is why we want you to know and understand completely what we have to offer.

When it comes down to Carpet Cleaning we really do know it all. Our carpet cleaners have all received only the best Training possible to ensure that they can get the best results out of any type of carpet.They have all received and proudly earned the necessary Certificates and Grades to become a 5 Star Carpet Cleaner and are all honored to be able to be a part of the Premium Clean family. They understand how to Mix and apply all of the Chemicals that we use in the correct ways and also what Chemicals are to be applied to a wide Variety of different fabric types and surfaces ensuring the complete safety of your Carpets and Rugs. They know how to remove even the Deepest and Toughest of stains, Oil, Makeup, Paint, Wine, Urine, Soft drinks, Trod in food even Chewing Gum. There really is no limit to removing Stains. Our main method of carpet cleaning is the steam cleaning method, this method has proven to be the most effective out of all the methods, it allows germs and bacteria to be removed completely without soaking the carpet too much. So when you think that your Carpet is beyond cleaning don’t give up on it it may just need some Professional love and care. We can provide this care and at a brilliant Affordable price. Our prices make it possible for everyone to enjoy a Professional clean.

If you are to choose to book with Premium Clean for a carpet cleaning service we will proceed with the following steps: Once you have booked with us at a Time and Day that is convenient to you we will arrive on time and immediately start cleaning, we will firstly Vacuum all of the areas to remove any loose bits of Dirt and Dust particles giving us a fresh canvas to begin cleaning. We will them Pre-Treat any Stained areas with our exclusive treating agents. This Chemical is used to loosen and raise any Deep stain so it rises to the surface allowing us to wipe it off with ease. Once the Pre-Treatment has been applied we will then use an amazing Powerful Steam Machine, the Steam Pro 2000, this machine can reach an astonishing temperature of 120 Degrees. This temperature kills all Bacteria and eliminates Germs and Smells. leaving your carpet as Hygienic as possible. We also mix a Odour Neutraliser into the water inside of the machine this will leave the carpets Smelling beautifully fresh. This machine evenly sprays this clean mixture of water and chemicals onto the carpet whilst at the same time Powerfully sucks the Dirty water and mess back into the extraction pipe removing all traces of dirt from the carpets fibres. This actually finishes the cleaning process once these steps have been complete you will need to allow the carpet to Completely dry, this normally takes a around 2-3 Hours, of course this will depend on the Temperature of the room and the available Ventilation. We can clean any type of Carpet and Rug we have knowledge of which carpets and rugs need a Deeper clean and which ones require a more Delicate clean, for the more delicate cleans we do offer a Dry Carpet Cleaning service just to ensure no damage comes to the carpet or rug. This method of carpet cleaning isn’t as effective but we will still aim to leave the carpets free from stains and smelling as fresh as possible.

All of our products and Chemicals are completely  100% Safe to be used around Children, Pets and Allergy sufferers, and are also Eco-Friendly too helping us do our bit for our planet. We use only the best products available to us and these products include the well known Prochem cleaning range. We have used this range for many years and it has never let us down on performance. Everything that we use is Eco-Friendly, we believe that these products are less Toxic and give off no nasty Fumes that can be breathed in and can actually cause some serious health problems such as Breathing difficulty, Migraines and so on. Using these products gives us peace of mind that you our customers are Safe whilst we clean your carpets. We make sure that all the products we use are the most up to date as possible to keep up that professional cleaning standard.

The next time you look down at your carpet and think ‘ ugh this carpet it so dirty and tacky, and that it needs replacing hold on don’t rush to order a new carpet just yet, let Premium Clean revive the old one and make it Feel and Look new once again. Having a Professional carpet clean with Premium Clean will save you so much money and we Promise results that will make you say ‘wow’. To keep up that freshly cleaned look We always advise that you have your carpets Professionally cleaned at least Once a Year this is to maintain a Healthy look and feel to your carpets as well as preventing any stains to sink deep into the carpet’s fibres, however if there is Pets and/or Children in the property we would advise this clean to be performed at a minimum of every 3-4 Months. This is to ensure Maximum removal of Food, Mud and any Pet Hairs that may be stuck in the Fibres of the carpets. Please Book with Premium Clean now, don’t let your Stained, Smelly Carpets play on your mind, we can book you in as soon as possible and make worrying about your carpets a thing of the past. You will not be disappointed in our Professionalism and we guarantee you will be booking us again and again, and hopefully spreading the word to all your friends and family so that they too can receive the best carpet clean of their lives.

Contacting us is so easy Call, Email, Visit our Facebook Page, Join our twitter Page or even Visit the website and use our Live Chat option for a quick response, whichever you decide just do it today and receive your FREE no obligation quote and booking.