Help is on hand when it comes to a Professional Carpet cleaning or Amazing Upholstery cleaning experiences, Here at wandsworth, SW8 we can give you an Experience like no other cleaning company out there, we can provide you with an Intense Upholstery cleaning service and a Deep thorough Carpet and Rug cleaning service. For any kind of Carpet or Fabric from Tough durable fabrics to Delicate ones that need Extra care to be taken.

We use only the best chemicals and products available to us and Every single Chemical that we use is 100% Eco-Freindly, we have learnt over the years that these kinds of products are not only the best for our Environment but are also proving to be Amazing cleaning chemicals, better than most shelf brought chemicals.


Most of these shop bought chemicals can cause more harm than good to your surfaces and some even to your health. Eco-Friendly are safe to be used around everyone including your Pets. We understand that those of you that suffer with Allergies you can find it very difficult to be around cleaning materials because of all the harmful Chemical Toxins that most give off when used, this is where Eco-Friendly steps up. It doesn’t have that Harmfull chemical toxin risk as it has no Harmful Toxins in its ingredients, all the ingredients are made from Natural Resources allowing Children, Allergy sufferers and Pets to be present at the time of the clean.

Our entire Team are highly skilled and clean with a strictly Professional standard. They will use all the time that they are given to get the best possible results from any Carpet or Fabric material. Every single one of them has received the best Training possible to ensure that they know how to tackle every kind of stain that they may be presented with.

They have full Understanding on how every Chemical that we use is to be applied and how it is to be removed. We believe that all of this training is Crucial to ensure that you get a fabulous cleaning service whilst no Damage is at risk of being caused. They all have been taught how to use all of the Machinery safely and understand the that the safety of you and your family is of the most importance whilst they perform the clean.

Our most common method for cleaning is the steam cleaning method, this is a brilliant and Efficient way to kill off all Bacteria and Germs whist lifting out even the toughest of stains. Even though we can clean with Temperatures of 120 Degrees thanks to our powerful Steam Extraction Machine the SteemPro 2000, we can still do this safely and cause no Damage to your Carpets and Upholstery.

This machine is so impressive and has helped us to give you all the 5 Star results that you deserve at Amazing Professional standards and Prices, it can remove stains such as Red wine, Chocolate, Food, Make-up, Grass stains, Oil, Paint, Nail varnish and even Chewing gum. The list could go on forever we haven’t yet come across a stain that we can’t remove with the help of this machine and our Pre-Treatment and Spot Treatment chemicals.

Because it also has such a powerful suction as well we are able to remove all Particles of dirt even those that are so deep in the carpet’s Fibres that you didn’t even know they were there. Unwanted Pet Hairs and Odurs are a thing of the past for all you Pet owners too as all of our Chemicals are infused with Odor control and Neutralisers leaving your fabrics and carpets smelling Beautiful and looking and feeling like New once again.

But this isn’t the only way that we can clean your carpets and upholstery we can use the dry cleaning method, this method with not as effective is more commonly used for the delicate fabrics that cannot get wet without causing damage, this method is very rarely used as the steam method is safe for most fabrics used on upholstery and in carpets so it’s really more of a safety net in case there are delicate fabrics in the property in need of cleaning.

In our range of services we include cleaning of Carpets, Rugs, Curtains (whilst they hang) this makes it easier for you and actually improved drying time, Mattresses, Sofas, Chairs and even a Interior car service clean. We had tried to offer as wide a variety of services so that you don’t need to go to a hundred different companies to get what you need cleaned, we offer it all so that the only Cleaners you need are us. On average we suggest a carpet and rug drying time of 3-4 hours to ensure that they are completely dry before being walked on, this is to minimise staining and soiling.

We can take Bookings via Phone, Email, Facebook and Chat on our webpage so what are you all waiting for, let us at Wandsworth, SW8 Give your carpets and upholstery the clean that they deserve and help you property look and smell its best at all times.