For so many of you in the Kensington, W14 area, Carpet and Upholstery cleaning is something that you believe to either be Highly Expensive or a lot of Hard work for yourselves and just simply not an option for some of you because you have such Busy lives and more important things to think about. This can mean that your Carpets and Upholstery can get Neglected and wear considerably in a short period of time.

Because this can happen Gradually you may not even notice the changes on your  Carpet or the Stains that it has acquired over the course of the last few months. Offices especially as there carpets are used a lot during the day being walked on constantly and there’s always spillages from the kitchen to dest with spills of Coffee, Tea and Food.


This is where we come fully prepared and ready to remove any stain put in front of us, thanks to the SteemPro 2000 a extremely Powerful and impressive Steam cleaning machine. Its powerful suction will remove any loose Food remnants and Dirt, then it will spray clean Chemical infused water at Temperatures up to 120 Degrees to treat the carpet and Dig out any deep Stains. Then a secondary hose will almost immediately remove the water and any particles into a Second tank known as the Dirty Tank, keeping the clean water separate so only clean water is put onto your carpet. This process is done so quickly so that the carpet doesn’t suffer a Soak in water allowing the Drying time to be as quick as possible usually within a 3-4 Hour time frame.

When it comes to Carpet cleaning to keep a great looking and feeling carpet that will last you the longest time possible, we Recommend a Professional clean to be performed at least Once a year, this is to minimize the buildup of Dirt and Dust in the deeper fibers of the carpet or rug.

It will also help to make removing Stains easier as the longer the stain is left there the harder it may become to remove. Stains such as Tea, Coffee, Wine, Mud, Oil and so on will if left seep deeper into the fibres and if not cleaned correctly can be Spread across a larger surface area and be made worse.

As for our Upholstery cleaning services it is pretty much the same process, using Steam again giving the best effect against Germs and Unwanted Bacteria, all the Chemicals we use are infused with an Odour Neutraliser and will demolish any unwanted smells leaving all the furniture smelling Sweet and Fresh.

We also use Eco-Friendly products so that it is safe to clean with Pets, Allergy Sufferers and Children present, this means that you can be home during the clean if needed. We can clean Mattresses, Curtains, Dining chairs and Sofas. We also can offer a Car Interior cleaning service, allowing not only your home to be as fresh as a daisy but your car to be too. When we clean we will move any Furniture necessary with the best of Care and we will return everything back to the Original place once we have finished, Curtains can be cleaned whilst they hang so there is no need to worry about taking them down, it is actually a lot easier to clean them hanging and it allows them to Dry Crease free.

We want everyone to Benefit from these great services so our Prices we believe to be extremely fair for the Quality of service that you will receive, everyone deserves a perfect Pristine looking Carpet & Upholstery. So book with Kensington, W14 Today and save money on replacing the Dirty Tired looking Carpets and Upholstery.

Let us clean it right and you can happily Enjoy your property Every day.