Carpets can be the focal point of a room, they can be very expensive and take a long time to choose the best carpet for the room. It would be a waste to neglect your carpet and have to replace it in a year or less when it’s capable to last you for much longer if looked after correctly.

A regular clean can make such a difference, and a professional clean from Fulham, SW6 will ensure that your carpet looks, feels and remains a beautiful touch to your room. Letting us steam clean your carpets once will allow you to receive an amazing cleaning service that you will want to rebook again and again, we take high pride in our work and will not leave you disappointed, if you are unhappy in any way we will offer a free re clean at a time convenient to you.


We can provide an Upholstery cleaning service. It is very much a similar process as our carpet cleaning, using Steam again giving the best effect against Germs and Unwanted Bacteria, all the Chemicals we use in our cleaning include an Odour Neutraliser and will demolish any unwanted smells leaving all the furniture smelling Sweet and Fresh.

We also use Eco-Friendly products so that it is safe to clean with Pets, Allergy Sufferers and Children present, this means that you can be home during the clean if needed. We can clean Mattresses, Curtains, Dining chairs and Sofas. We also can offer a Car Interior cleaning service, allowing not only your home to be as fresh as a daisy but your car to be too.Curtains can be cleaned whilst they hang so there is no need to worry about taking them down, it is actually a lot easier to clean them hanging and it allows them to Dry Crease free.

We provide these cleaning services because we  want everyone to have the chance to Benefit from them. This is why we have done our best to make our Prices affordable and fair for everyone, everyone deserves a perfect Pristine looking Carpet & Upholstery, We all spend a lot of money on them to begin with so everyone should have the option to look after them properly.

When it comes to Carpet cleaning to keep a great looking and feeling carpet that will last you the longest time possible, we Recommend a Professional clean to be performed at least Once a year, this is to minimize the buildup of Dirt and Dust in the deeper fibers of the carpet or rug, it will also help to make removing Stains easier as the longer the stain is left there the harder it may become to remove. Stains such as Tea, Coffee, Wine, Mud, Oil and so on will if left seep deeper into the fibres and if not cleaned correctly can be Spread across a larger surface area and be made worse.

We can maintain a Healthy looking and Feeling carpet, so that you can uphold a great first impression for any Visitors you may be expecting, after all a great first impression can be so important to so many of us. Our team of highly Professional, Skilled and Determined cleaners are here ready to give you the best carpet cleaning service that you have ever seen, they know that Carpets are very costly to begin with and for you to have to Replace any of them it can put a big dent in your wallet. This may not even be necessary as most Stains can be safely removed using the correct Machinery and Chemicals.

This is where our top of the range carpet and upholstery cleaning machine the SteemPro 2000 a extremely Powerful and very impressive Steam cleaning machine, it is so easy to use and performs the following steps to give your carpets a blast of freshness that will eliminate all smells and soilage.

Firstly Its powerful suction will remove any loose Food remnants and Dirt, then it will spray hot clean Chemical infused steam reaching Temperatures of up to 120 Degrees, these chemicals will treat the carpet, loosening and lifting any deep Stains, then through a secondary hose it will almost immediately remove the water and any particles into a Second tank known as the Dirty Tank, keeping the clean water separate so only clean water is put onto your carpet. This process is done so quickly so that the carpet doesn’t  get too wet allowing an amazing Drying time, usually within a 3-4 Hour time frame.

So we are asking you to book with Fulham Today, dont wait until it’s too late and the carpet is beyond repair. Receive our cleaning services and save money on replacing your Dirty, Tired looking Carpets and Upholstery. We can make you properties accessories look brand new once again.

Don’t do the dirty work yourself when were here offering to do it for you.