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Although we are a fairly small carpet cleaning company, we are well known, very Trustworthy and Reliable. Since we started up as a Carpet cleaning business we have grown Dramatically and we couldn’t have done any of this and have gotten as Professional as we are today without all of our lovely customers, our customers have provided us with all kinds of Problems and Obstacles.

We have faced some of the Toughest stains and we have been able to tackle these stains one by one and  get better and better with Methods of removing them. It has definitely helped us get a better Knowledge on different Chemicals and Removers for each individual Stain. We have received so many Great reviews from our previous customers and businesses and we Thrive on these reviews and rely on them to help new customers be able to Trust that we can get the job done Quickly and Professionally.

Our team of Highly trained and Knowledgeable staff are ready to make your carpets look like new again.


Carpets get Tired and Dull looking over the years and we can Rejuvenate them giving them a whole new lease of life. This enables you to enjoy them for longer. We use the best Eco Friendly products available to us. The ProChem range of carpet cleaning is a massive range providing all the needed Chemicals to give you 100% customer satisfaction. The range includes carpet Pre-Treatment solutions, Deep steam carpet Shampoos, Spot treatments for the more stubborn of stains, Deodorizers and Odor control substances to give you a Fresh clean smell throughout your home. They are all Eco Freindly to provide you with a safe non Toxic cleaning service, Toxic chemicals can cause so many Health problems such as Restricted breathing and Itching/Irritation of the skin.

ProChem contains NO toxins allowing us to clean whilst You your Children and even your Pets are still present in the property. It is also safe for any Allergy sufferers that may be in the property too, it really has covered all areas in the Health and Safety zone.



National Carpet Cleaning Association – NCCA



The Approved Carpet Cleaners Alliance – TACCA






Our main goal – to make sure that you are Happy.

We team these Amazing products with our Highly powerful Steam Extraction machine the Steam Pro 2000. It is a steam carpet machine that we are able to Mix the cleaning chemicals into the water in the tank so that it can be Sprayed onto the carpet at the same time, this Minimizes the cleaning time. The chemical infused water is then Immediately sucked back up through a secondary pipeline that directs it into a second tank keeping the Clean and Dirty water separate. This process can be done at a whopping 120 Degrees killing any Germs and Bacteria that is on and inside the carpets fibres, and because it is done so Quickly it minimises the Soaking of the carpet allowing the carpets to dry in a reasonable 2-3 Hours once the clean has been completed.

Because of the Hot temperature we can remove what can be seen as the Worst stains possible, Red wine, Food that has been trodden in, Oil, Candle wax, Paint, Mud, Chewing gum and the list could go on. We can also help the carpets fibres stand up again as they do become Flattened when in use in High Traffic areas, because each fibre gets cleaned it can help the carpet regain some of its Bounce and Life.

Our main goal in our carpet cleaning service is to make sure that you are Happy. If you aren’t happy then we haven’t done the Professional standard of cleaning that we wish to provide, your Satisfaction is the most important part of the service, and we hope that once we have cleaned your carpets that you feel completely Comfortable to spread the word of this great service to all your Friends and Family. Please let us prove to you that we can give your carpets that all important clean that they so Desperately need.

We suggest that a Professional clean is completed by us at least once every 6 Months, this is to maintain the Cleanliness and help to make sure that any Stains don’t penetrate the deep fibres of the carpet. Once we have Steam cleaned the carpets we are able to offer a Protection service as well at an Additional fee. This protection service helps to keep the carpet from being Stained altogether.

The product that we will use for this is called Scotchgard. It acts as an Invisible barrier against Stains and Dirt, it is sprayed onto the carpets Directly but doesn’t in any way affect the Feel of the Look of the carpet. It is the best known carpet Protection solution around which is why we use it.

Let us provide you with our perfect, Amazing and Convenient carpet cleaning services, Stop hunting for a Carpet cleaning company and book with us you will not be Disappointed.Visit our Webpage for more information about our services in detail.

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